Meaning and Causes of Honda Accord Low Oil Pressure Indicator Light  

There are different issues that could happen to your Honda Accord. One of those issues is if it ends up having low oil pressure. This problem could damage the engine in unimaginable ways. This is one of the reasons why you need to shut down your Honda engine when you realize that the oil pressure indicator light is on. The engine should be not running until the problem is diagnosed and properly solved.

Just like every other vehicle, the Honda Accord needs to be shut down once the oil light begin to flash. This will save you from having to spend lots of money on damages. You might need to replace the whole engine which will cost a fortune. The oil serves as a lubricant to the engine and helps its components move without any friction. When the engine oil level is lower than it should, it will lead to friction among these components which will lead to overheating and eventually damage the engine of your Honda Accord.

The maintenance of the engine oil in your Honda Accord is very important to improve its lifespan and performance. Any type of change in the oil pressure of your vehicle can lead to engine failure. The oil pressure plays a huge role in determining the longevity of the engine of your Accord.

What does oil pressure low light mean

The oil pressure light will only come on if there is shortage of oil in the engine.  It simply means that the oil pressure level is very low or the oil has lost pressure. If you notice that the oil pressure indicator light is on while running the engine, the best thing to do is to shut down the engine immediately. However, if you continue driving the car, you risk damaging your engine completely.

If you are driving and the oil pressure light comes on, park your car by the side of the road and turn it off. Once it is off, let the car remain in its resting state for few minutes. This is to let the engine cool down. After doing this, open the hood of the car and then check the oil level. The only reason why the oil will lose pressure is if the engine oil is very low.

Try to top up the oil to its right level on the dipstick. It must not be higher or lower than the level. Get back into your vehicle and start the engine. After starting the engine, look at the oil pressure indicator. It should go down after some seconds. However, if it does not, there might be a serious mechanical issue. You will have to get it towed in for complete diagnosis.

What causes low oil pressure light to come on

There are so many things that could cause trigger the oil pressure indicator light. If you know some of the causes, you will have to do everything you can to try to avoid them. Below are some of the common causes:

Clogged oil filter

The oil filter protects the engine from contaminants. It eliminates any debris inside the oil and stops them from traveling into the engine. Contaminants can be dirt, fuel, water, carbon, and so on. If they make way into the engine, they could cause irreparable damage to its bearing and cylinder walls. So, a clogged oil filter can decrease the oil pressure and eventually trigger the oil pressure indicator light. A replacement of the oil filter will definitely fix the issue.

Damaged oil pump

The oil pump is responsible for pressurizing the engine oil before it eventually makes its way through the engine. The oil then serves as a lubricant to other components of the engine so that they can move without restrictions. If anything happens to the pump, the oil pressure will decrease and then the light will come on. The oil pump will need to be replaced urgently.

Low engine oil

The engine oil decreases as time goes on. It could be because of a leak or because of the age of the vehicle. There is a higher chance of low oil with an older vehicle than a newer one. So, once the oil is low, it triggers the indicator light. What needs to be done for this is to top up the oil.

What does it mean when oil pressure low light comes on Honda Accord

When the oil pressure light in your Honda Accord comes on, it simply means your oil pressure is low and needs to be fixed. You need to get it fixed immediately or risk damaging the engine of your Honda Accord. Some of the things that could cause it are:

Broken oil pressure sensor

If the oil pressure sensor of your Honda Accord fails, then the indicator light will start flashing. A faulty sensor will make the light go on and off while you drive the Accord. You will have to check the sensor and detect whether the problem is coming from here or not. If it’s the sensor, you will need a replacement and that is cheaper compared to damaging the engine.

Oil leaks

Another reason that could cause oil pressure light on is if oil is leaking in your Honda Accord. You need to check the seal, oil, head gaskets, oil pan, and filter for any type of leak. If you have an oil leak, then you will see stains of oil under your vehicle after parking it for a long time.

Whatever the cause of the low oil pressure is, you need to find a solution as fast as possible. If you cannot detect the problem, then you should take the vehicle in for complete checkup.

Can you drive a car with low oil pressure

Yes, you can drive a car that has a low oil pressure but you should not take that risk. A low oil pressure will show a sign by triggering the indicator light. Once the light is on, you need to turn off your engine immediately. If you try to fix it then, it would not cost a lot. However, if you continue driving the car, you risk causing serious damage to your engine. This will cost you more than trying to fix the low oil pressure.

Why is my low oil pressure light coming on

The oil pressure light is coming on because the oil pressure is low and needs urgent attention. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of things that can cause it. If you cannot find the cause, then you will have to take your vehicle in for full diagnosis.

How to reset Honda accord low oil pressure indicator light

If after fixing the problem with the oil pressure, the light of your Honda Accord refuse to go off, then you need to reset the light. To do that, the first thing is to turn your ignition. Then press the reset button until the engine oil indicator is displayed. Continue pressing the button for few seconds or until the indicator start blinking. Once it starts begin, press the reset button for 5 seconds more so that the indicator light will reset back to 100.

However, before you reset, you need to be certain that the problem has been fixed and the light is just refusing to go off.


In summary, the oil pressure indicator light coming on is a warning that there is an issue with the engine oil. You need to pay serious attention to it or risk ending up with a damaged engine. Low oil pressure is one of the serious issues that could affect a Honda Accord.


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