Media Player Classic Free Download

Media Player Classic Free Download

Videos are universal things and whenever you talk of videos, everyone listens because it is a source of entertainment that brings joy an laughter to all. The fact is that there are different video formats out there and you would want to have the best universal media player, capable of playing on your computer, your smartphones, Gsm phones, tablets, iPods and iPones. In addition, you would love to watch all types of videos and listen to digital music on the internet, without any limitation. Thankfully,  developers have created applications that enhances your enjoyment of music and videos from your computer or smart-devices. In this post, we are doing a product review of the Media Player Classic Free Download offer.

Media Player Classic Free Download

Furthermore, this application is a great media player  because it is fast, and has multiple capabilities that are simply eye-popping. Hence, we will give you the facts about the product to help you make up your mind whether it is worth having or not. Also, you should not get it because it is an open free source media player. But, you can get it because, its functions are truly one of a kind.

Let us go into the review proper.

Review of Media Player Classic Product

Media Player Classic is free to use media player developed by MPC-HC that gives you many options and excellent features to do a video playback of your media. MPC is a light and fast media player with improved features when you compare it to Media Player Classic Home Cinema and the usual Windows media player.

So ask you, do you think you should get Media Player Classic Free Download now that is free? You should rest assured that if you install MPC in your system, you will not need any other heavy or light media players for your audio or videos.

Compatibility With Other Media

Media Player Classic is compatible with numerous multimedia players. It also has its own graphical user interfaces with integrated Codec MPEG capacity and Splitter for it to be able to play VCDS’ SVCD’s easily. Furthermore, it plays various video and audio formats easily.

In addition, Media Player Classic may be simple but its versatility and functions make it rank among top Media players any day. Surely Media Player Classic Free Download will be worth your while.

Media Player Classic Free Download-set up

User Interface

Media Player Classic has a rendering capability that measures the output of your video or audio files and manages the color. It also, controls the graphics processing unit, to give you the best output the way you the want it.

You can make a playlist and get to it with a simple click of your mouse and be able to playback any video or audio of your choice anytime you want. This is another reason you should consider getting Media Player Classic Free Download.

Similarly, the design of the Navigation option is such that you can change past or future subtitles or option. In addition, you can open your files in numerous formats such as in audio or video, and play it in high definition DVD quality.

Media Player Classic Free Download-interface

Let us restate these facts that, Media Player Classic is the player to beat because it performs fast and shows videos in an excellent way, Also, Amateurs and professionals like it because it is easy to use.

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home cinema

More Facts That You Cannot Discount About Media Player Classic

The following are prominent features of Media Player Classic which makes it the top favorites of many users.  They are also top reasons you should think about before getting Media Player Classic Free Download.

They are as follows.

  • Once you get it you don’t need to download another media player
  • Media Player Classic is versatile and can play back DVD, VCD, and SVCD formats
  • You can use it in numerous languages
  • Its user interface is simple to use
  • You can modify it in any way you want
  • The application software is light weight

Additional Information About Media Player Classic

Here are some added information that you need to get the Media Player Classic Download. This application program is a multimedia package, which you can download from the developers MPC-HC website. You can get the free version today. Also, its size is 11 megabyte and works in Windows 7-8 and all new versions of the Windows Operating System.

Where to Download the Media Player Classic

You can go simply to the developer’s Website to get it Now.


In conclusion, the Media Player Classic can serve the purpose of the usual Windows media player. Furthermore, it can playback DVD, VCD, and SVCD formats. Above all those factors, users like it because, it is simple to use and lightweight. Go and get Media Player Classic Free Download today and share your experience with us on this website.


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