Microsoft Customer Service Contacts in Australia, UK & Canada

This article contains information on how to contact the Microsoft Customer Service using the resource links, email ID and phone numbers.

Microsoft Support is an excellent customer service platform where you can get access to help with your challenges in relation to Microsoft Softwares, services, products and even the Windows platform.

This post contains a comprehensive list of the various ways you can contact the Microsoft customer service. Microsoft customer support

What is the Microsoft Support?

The Microsoft Support is a platform designed to answer all your queries, inquiries, feedbacks and complaints about any product and service offered by Microsoft.

There are several different forms of contacting the Microsoft Support. However, in relation with all customers, there are two generic platforms embedded in the Microsoft Support. you can either contact the Microsoft Customer Service and Support or you contact the Microsoft Technical support.

  1. Microsoft Customer Service and Support:

With this form of service, you will receive help in the form of personalized processes. This means a Microsoft Customer Service representative will speak with you giving answers to your questions or helping you find articles and resource materials that would be helpful

    2. Microsoft Technical Support

This service will ensure you receive adequate support with regards to technical challenges either through the provisions of resource links or direct answers to your problems.

However, it is important to note that these two platforms are embedded in one another and not different in any way.

Microsoft Customer Service phone number

You can easily contact the Microsoft customer service by phone to speak to a customer care sales representative. However, these calls must be between the hours of 5.00 AM and 9.00 PM Pacific Time on Monday through Friday and 6.00AM to 3.00 PM Pacific Time for Saturday & Sunday, via the following lines:

United Kingdom:

  • Call +44 (0) 344 800 2400 (Langauge: English)

Australia/ Pacific:

  • For Australia
    • Call 13 20 58 ( Domestic) – ( Language: English)
  • For New Zealand
    • Call 64 0800 800 004 or 9 368 5680 ( Language: English)


  • Call the number +1 877 568 2495 or  905 568 0434 ( Langauge: English/Français)
  • You can also contact this number +1 800 892 5230 ( TTY English)

However, if you are anywhere else on the globe, you can get the Microsoft Support phone numbers here for individual countries and states in the US.

Microsoft Support Chat

You can also use personalized chat room services to get access to information concerning your queries. However, there is no instant chat button to speak to a Customer care service. The first step is by using the Virtual assistant. This you can do via this page. Once you have clicked on the Virtual assistant dialogue box, Type in a description for the challenge you are facing. After this, you will receive automated answers to your queries. You can click on the resource links to view this answers. However, if you are not satisfied, you should click “No” or “None of the Above” and proceed to use the Chat button or call me back button to speak to an agent.

Have Microsoft call you back

Another option, you will find via the Virtual assistant page, after you have licked “No” or ” None of the Above” is the link to ” Call You Back”. With this service, you will be required to fill your phone number and description about your inquiry/complaint and you will be contacted via your phone by a Microsoft customer service agent. However, to schedule a call, you can visit Microsoft here.

Microsoft Support Email

You can also send an email to the Microsoft customer care desk. All you need do is visit this page to begin. Once you are there, fill out details of your challenge and then send the appropriate email

Useful Help & Resource Links

You can also get access directly to the Microsoft resource links, that is articles written with respect to previously asked questions to Microsoft. To do so, begin by using this link. Click the “Get Started” button and Provide a brief description of your Inquiry/ compliant. You will instantly be given access to resource materials bearing information to that regard.

Other support channels

You can also use the Microsoft Support official Twitter account is @MicrosoftHelps. to receive access to help with your inquiries about products and services available to you.

Please note, Microsoft will never contact you on their own, if you are facing problems with their products and services. In addition, there will be no calls to your number offering help in any way whatsoever. You must initiate the inquiries and complaints first before you take any.

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If you need any more information about the Microsoft customer service, please place a comment below.

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