5 Best Microsoft Edge Features That Are Very Superb

Microsoft edge features
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Browsers help us to get what we are searching for on the Internet at a quick pace. Presently, there are many browsers also called Search engines, that developers have created.  But, only a few are notable. For example, the new Microsoft edge browser comes with awesome features, to remove the frustrations users faced with the former Microsoft Internet Explorer (I.E) which was slow, and needed updating. Furthermore, Microsoft launched this Microsoft edge browser in 2015 with its new Windows 10 operating system. Similarly, Microsoft edge took care of the functionalities that were missing in the former Microsoft Internet Explorer which made several people find alternatives like Chrome, Firefox, and even Opera.

Microsoft edge features

Furthermore, the Microsoft edge browser has come to blaze a new trail. It is loaded with awesome features that turn into real benefits when you start using it. This article will show you 5 Microsoft Edge features that are very superb. Also, they will make you love Microsoft edge browser. Let’s start the product review now.

5 Microsoft Edge Features That Are Very Superb

1. The Cortana Virtual Assistance

One of the features of Microsoft edge is that it works with Cortana virtual assistance to give you speed and make your web experience memorable. Also, the alliance of Cortana with Microsoft edge will give you a boost of inspiration, enable you to buy things easily and give you interesting information you want instantly. Furthermore, this makes your internet search easy quick and rewarding.

However, kindly note that Cortana can only appear when you need her to help you go faster on the web to wherever you wish to go.

Therefore, to get Cortana, make sure you activate it in your Windows 10 operating system.  Follow these steps to launch Cortana. Click Menu on your Microsoft Edge, it is to your top right-hand side with 3 dots, and select Settings and click Advanced Setting. At this point, switch on the get Cortana Assistance option.

That is all you need to do. So, the next time you want to use the virtual assistance of Cortana just go to your Microsoft edge browser in your Windows 10 and start the applications to get you any information you wish from the internet.

How does Cortana help you?

Here are Microsoft edge tips. For example, when you visit a place like Amazon and wish to buy a book, it will give you exact prices of books you are interested in and shows you if there are rebates available or not for that specific product that you are interested in.

Also, when you see a topic you like to learn more about on the web, pick a word and highlight it and ask Cortana about it, and she will give you all the information you need immediately. Isn’t that cool? Yes, it is.

2. Sync Microsoft Edge Browser to Your Phone

Ability to sync Microsoft Edge Browser to Your Phone is a feature you would want in a modern browser. Of course, you would love to use a browser that enables you to sync contents and bookmarks, etc., easily from your phone to the computer.

These Microsoft edge features give you a lot of freedom to explore and enjoy more content on your phone with ease. In addition, this browser syncs your web browsing history and passwords into your phone effortlessly. You can also use Microsoft edge to sync your reading list and page layout to your phone.

Furthermore, if you want to read on a larger screen, you can send interesting topics from your phone to a computer that runs with Windows 10. Isn’t that good? Yes, it is fantastic.

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3. Dealing with Many Open Tabs

Dealing with many open tabs is one of those Microsoft edge features that gives you the freedom to do your work on a clean interface. You can even try to install Microsoft edge on your Windows 7, and you bet it will run there.

There is no doubt that you have worked with other browsers and I am sure you cannot find these features that prominently takes care of excess open tabs like “ Microsoft edge” does.

Your computer desktop or Laptop can be overloaded with pages when you are busy doing research or going through a series of websites searching for one thing or another. Microsoft edge handles this problem of excess open tabs with a click of a button.

To take advantage of this feature, look at the top left of your Dashboard for a button titled “set these tabs aside”. Microsoft edge browser wipes all those excess open tabs at the touch of your mouse or keystroke leaving you with a clean interface.

What a relief, when you want them back, you can easily bring the tabs back. All you need to do is click the next button to “set aside button”.

4. Intense Pace When You Browse

One of Microsoft edge features is intense speed when you compare it with competing browsers. If you had Internet Explorer, you experienced a delay when it loaded. This slow pace gave prominence to browsers like Chrome and Firefox. They now had an edge of “speed” over Internet Explorer.

Incidentally, Microsoft new browser is named “edge” because it truly gives you an edge. It is leaner and faster than the former Inter Explorer.

Microsoft improved it by cutting off codes and programs that made I.E a slow browser. So, for users that like to play with applications, relate with others and read many types of contents on the web, this browser allows you to do that and, even more. With this great improvement, it can now compete with the best in the market.

Give it a try if you are yet to do so.

5. Works Effortlessly With Windows 10

Whether you are using Microsoft edge on a tablet or a computer have no fear. This browser works well with both devices. Also, I suggest that you get Microsoft edge browser if you use Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. I say so because the way Microsoft edge features works easily with Windows 10 is breathtaking.

For example, if you visit some Websites often, you can choose to attach them to your start menu or taskbar. So,  the next time, you can visit them easily by using the Menu button to select the website you want.

In addition, the browser works with Cortana and many Microsoft applications.  Like Microsoft defender which keeps your system free of virus attacks. So, if I may ask, what more can you ask for. Jump into the train and get the Microsoft edge browser now.


When you consider many Microsoft edge features, such as working readily with Windows 10 operating system, the intense browse speed, and taking care of many tabs with a click of your mouse. Others are, syncing browser to your phone and using Cortana to increase your search experience, you would have no choice but to fall in love with this browser. Finally, if all these Microsoft edge superb features are not enough reasons to change your browser I wonder what else is?  I think they are. So, if you want to be ahead of the crowd get the Microsoft edge latest version now.


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