How To Install Microsoft Edge On Windows 7 PC

Microsoft Edge
Written by Abe Cherian

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows 7. Learn how to install Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows 7 PC safely using this tutorial.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a browser designed recently by Microsoft for the Windows 10 operating system. It is made to be the default browser for all computers using the Windows operating system. It is the direct replacement for the Internet Explorer.

The internet explorer has been the default web browser of the Windows operating system for the past 20 years. The internet explorer became obsolete. It lacked many features that were in trend with the latest web experiences. This caused many windows users to use other apps like firefox, chrome, opera, etc. as the default browsing app.

Internet Explorer is still available for Windows 10, but you have to search in order to find it.

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On Windows 10, Microsoft decided to go to the drawing boards in order to make a default browsing app that meets the expectations of the users, a browser that is fast and more secure than internet explorer. This culminated in the creation of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge is a universal Windows app. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft app store. It can as well be updated regularly. Now let’s show you how to Download Microsoft edge for Windows 7 OS.

Download Microsoft edge for Windows 7

Can Microsoft Edge work on Windows 7?

The Microsoft Edge browser was designed to be used for Windows 10 versions, hence users of Windows 8, and other older versions will not be able to experience this amazing browser.

It is the trending browser and every internet savvy user will always wish to experience it. The Microsoft Windows 7 users are faced with the challenge of using the Microsoft Edge browser.

The big question comes… Can Microsoft edge work on windows 7?

Yes! It can work on Windows 7. If you have been asking this question in the past, then you have the answer here. In the following section, we shall highlight how to download and install the Microsoft edge browser app on Windows 7 without upgrading to Windows 10 OS.

Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 (Install without upgrading)

Microsoft Edge cannot be downloaded directly in Windows 7. Microsoft Edge app was specially designed by Microsoft Corporation for Windows 10.

But with technology, humans can do and undo. Microsoft Edge browser can be used indirectly on Windows 7. This is achieved via Virtual machines.

The virtual machine is designed by Microsoft. It allows Microsoft Edge to be run through it.

Microsoft Virtual Machine

Image source: Microsoft.

This is how to install Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 OS.

Simply download the Virtual machines through this link: Free virtual machines from IE8 to MS Edge. After a successful download of the virtual machine, launch it. On the onscreen menu, you will find your systems formats – Windows, Mac and Linux. Simply select “Windows“.

On the “virtual machine option drop down” choose “Microsoft Edge on Win 10″.

Choose the virtual machine that you wish to run the app on. Choose ” VirtualBox” Then select download zip.

You have to unzip it in order to be able to use the Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 computer.


Note that the virtual machine expires in 90 days. So it is advised that you screenshot the installation date so that you can return it whenever you wish to run the virtual machine.

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