Microsoft Exchange Server – Pricing, Features And How it Works

microsoft exchange server
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Microsoft Exchange Server: The importance of emails to businesses can never be over emphasized. Therefore, keen attention should be placed on having a great email server that delivers and sends message to clients as at when due. It is very apparent that most business inclined people prefer communicating with their business partners via the email. Hence, any friction in the email communication channel will spell trouble for the business. It is also very important for the mails to arrive when needed and should be accessed easily.

It is very bulky for one to be going around with laptops or desktop just for checking mails. Mobile devices serves this purpose perfectly. You can easily receive your emails anywhere on your mobile device. Without the email servers, this cannot be achieved successfully. Email servers do the job of receiving the mail from the sender, analyses it and forwards it to the receiver. If the server that services your mail box is bad, then you may be facing challenges in sending and receiving mails.

microsoft exchange serverHow Microsoft Exchange Server Works.

There are many email servers that are available. One of such is the one owned by Microsoft. It is called the Microsoft exchange server. It serves the all-round purposed of serving and calendering electronic mails over the Internet. It is designed to operate on the Windows server operating systems. The latest version of the Microsoft exchange server was launched in October 2015.

There are many proprietary protocols used by Microsoft exchange server. They play key roles in receiving the message, converting it to the right format, delivering it to the receiver and notifying the receiver of the mail. Some of the proprietary protocols are:

  • MAPI: Messaging Application Programming Interface.
  • POP: Post office protocol
  • IMAP: Internet message access protocol
  • SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • EAS: Exchange ActiveSync

Customers have the options to choose either to purchase the email license or subscribe for it. The CAL option i.e Client Access Licenses offers the access for purchase of emails services while SAAS option i.e software as a service gives the option to subscribe for emails service monthly.


Features of Microsoft Exchange Server.

The major thing that sets the latest version of Microsoft Exchange Server apart from others is the incorporation in the clouds. It provides a better collaboration than the 2013 version. In outlook, documents can now be attached using a link or via the Onedrive instead of the customary attachment method. There is also an improvement on other stuffs. There is the pinning and the undo options. Its data loss protection is more sensitive and fives room for more integration and better reporting. The inline reply, new themes and emojis are the new additions to the latest version. It has a simple architecture, a smarter inbox, detection of database divergence. All these have made mail serving a lot easier. The Microsoft exchange 2016 is great for optimization of outlook on mobile devices, phones, and desktops.

microsoft exchange server price

Microsoft Exchange Server Price:

Microsoft exchange server offers a 180-day free trial after which subscription can be done. The cost of subscription ranges from $4 to $12 per month.

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