Microsoft Office 2016 free Download

Thanks to Microsoft for making their software free for some time before getting the full version. The Microsoft Office 2016 free download is now officially available to individuals who wish to try the software for free before making decisions.

Download Microsoft Office 2016 free.

After installing the free version of Microsoft Office 2016 on your computer, you can still access all the features available on the full version for just 60 days. Of course, you know that in all versions of the Microsoft Office packages, which also includes the latest versions, you can find Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.

During installation, there is an option which allows you to select the package you wouldn’t want to install along with others. For instance, if Microsoft Word is what you really want among all the packages earlier mentioned (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), then you can choose to install only MS Word from the list of options.


Does Microsoft Office 2016 run on Windows 7 or 10?

Yes, Microsoft Office 2016 free download does works on Windows 7 and 10. If you wish to try this software now, here’s the official Microsoft Office 2016 download link.

Microsoft Office 2016: Is it really free?

Office 2016 is not in any way an open source software. According to this source, your school might give you the software for free especially if you are a student. Aside from that, you can only purchase the software directly from Microsoft or from most of the major online shops like Amazon.

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