Microsoft Office 2016 price

Microsoft Office 2016 Price, Features And How It Works

What is Microsoft Office 2016 price in Canada, the UK, and other countries? This is among the many questions we get daily about the Office 2016. In this post, you will learn a lot about the Microsoft Office 2016 software. Microsoft Office 2016 price

Microsoft Office 2016 is one of the brain-child of the Microsoft Incorporations. It has a code name; Office 16. It was released in September 2015 to succeed office 2013. It is likely to be the last version of the Microsoft Office Suite that will be compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Microsoft office 2016 is available for both Mac operating systems and Windows operating systems. The Mac version was released in July 2015, two months before the release of the Windows version.

Office 2016 Versions.

There exist many versions and editions of the Microsoft Office 2016. In windows, there are five versions:

  1. Home and Student version which includes only the core applications like Ms-word, ms-excel and others
  2. Home and Business version has Outlook added to the core applications
  3. The Standard version has Publisher, Outlook plus the core applications. This version is only available through volume licensing channels
  4. The Professional version has Access, Publisher, outlook plus the core traditional applications.
  5. Professional plus version is composed of Access, Publisher, Outlook in addition to the core traditional applications. The professional version is available via volume licensing channels.

The Mac operating system versions are available on the Home and student, Home and business and the standard versions.

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Microsoft office 2016 Features.

Microsoft Office 16 allows editing, creating, skimming and saving of files to the cloud directly from the computer.

The Key component applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, etc all have the search option which allows the user to find some important files and words easily.

It has the co-authoring option which allows all users who are connected to office online to share ideas about their work.

Microsoft office 2016 cannot coexist with the Microsoft 2013. It will opt for Office 2013 to be removed immediately you want to install. This may look somehow to some users but office 16 is very compatible and can coexist with older versions such as 2003, 2007, and 2010.

In Microsoft Excel, there are new charts and layouts, the PowerPoint window has the designer sidebar which helps the user in optimization. There exist new animations and templates in PowerPoint. Microsoft Office 2016

There are some spectacular features in the Mac version of Office 16. PowerPoint, Word, excel have been upgraded with new layouts and functionalities. The PowerPoint is provided with new tools for themes, colours, etc.

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Microsoft Office 2016 Price.

Office 365 provides the platform for users to subscribe for Office 16. The subscription can either be done monthly or yearly. Some users may decide to buy the software out-rightly. The cost of purchasing the Microsoft Office 16 for Home and students is $149, $229 for the Home and Business version while the Professional version is sold for $399. This holds for both the Mac and Windows versions.

Office 365 Pricing
Office 365 pricing for home.

For users who chose to subscribe to Office 365, the cost of subscription for one year is $69.99. Meanwhile, there is provision for Office 16 to be installed on more than one device and the subscription is done once. The cost of subscription for Office 16 installed on 5 devices is $99.99. Now, I hope this has answered the questions of the Microsoft Office 2016 price and plans.

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