Microsoft office 365 Pricing, Plans And Features

microsoft office 365 packages
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Microsoft Office 365 is designed by the Microsoft Corporation for activities relating to office works. It has great tools that allow users to make use of some of the office tools in the cloud. It is very cost effective as users can continue using the tools in 365 without having the licence for it. office 365 pricing

The tools embedded in office 365 are highly productive and collaborative. They combine to make work to be done with ease. It allows for teamwork. Office 365 is updated regularly by Microsoft. Users have the room to enjoy the same features on the cloud just like on the desktop.

With 365, a business organisation can handle their documents and files with simplicity as it allows users to share ideas on the clouds. Office 365 supports the Windows operating system, the Mac operating system and mobile. It works perfectly on Androids, iPhones and tablets. This allows users to do their work anywhere anytime.

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Office 365 Benefits.

Microsoft has made it possible for many things about office 365 to be simplified. Users can get support from the Microsoft support team at moments when they face difficulties. They can get in touch with the Microsoft support team through a phone call, chat, email. This allows the smooth flow of their job.

The incorporation of Office 365 in the clouds assists users to save their jobs in the clouds. They are connected to other users, so they can share ideas that help in getting the job to be done easily. Skype and other communication tools are embedded in office 365. This allows communication among team members.

Features of Office 365.

The following are the features that can be found in virtually all subscription level of office 365.  It allows email hosting. Some of the tools embedded in office 365 include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft planner, Microsoft teams, Skype for Business, etc. Access and publisher are only available for desktop versions. microsoft office 365 packages

The cloud incorporation allows more than one computer to be connected. It allows a team of users to be connected. Files can be shared on the cloud. Users can schedule tasks. Third-party apps can and software’s can be integrated.

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Microsoft Office 365 Pricing And Plans.

Microsoft Office 365 can be downloaded easily from the Microsoft website. After installation, the user can proceed to subscribe for any of the packages that fit the needs of his organisation. There are 7 pricing plans as follows:

  • Office 365 business: The cost of a subscription to this plan is $9.90 per month or $8.30 per month for annual billing. It has all the basic tools. It can be used on up to 5 devices.
  • Office 365 business premium: Cost of subscription is $15 per month on monthly billing or $12.50 per month on yearly billing.
  • Office 365 business essentials: Users can subscribe to this package at a cost of $6 per month or $5 per month yearly billing.
  • Office 365 ProPlus: The subscription to this plan is $12 per month. Only yearly billing plan is available.
  • Office 365 Enterprise E1:  Only yearly billing plan is available. It costs $8 per month
  • Office 365 E3: Only yearly billing plan is available. The cost is $20 per month
  • Office 365 E5: Only yearly billing plan is available. It costs $35 per month.

The Microsoft Office 365 cost of subscription for each plan varies according to the added features available for each plan.

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