Microsoft Office price

Microsoft Office Suite Price And Full Review

Find out the Microsoft Office price and all the added features in the latest version here.

Microsoft Office Suite is a collection of specialized software family for data processing. MS Office is a brainchild of the Microsoft company owned by Bill Gates. The package was first launched in August 1989. Some of the packages contained in the first version were Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and the Microsoft Excel. Over the years, Microsoft office has metamorphosed to become the most popular and widely used software for data and information processing. Before we share what we know about the Microsoft Office price, In 2012, it was reported by Softpedia that Microsoft office has over 1 billion users worldwide.

Microsoft Office price

Microsoft office is very important for data processing. It is available in different versions which are tailored to meet the needs of different users and computing environments.

Microsoft Office Price – Desktop or Mobile.

The desktop version is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. The mobile version is available for almost all the leading operating systems. There is the Microsoft office mobile which has now been a default application in virtually all the Android mobile phones. It is also available in iPhones.

Online users can make use of the office online. The Microsoft office online is web-based. It can be used by all registered Microsoft account users. The latest version of the Microsoft office has many other packages which include: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft power point, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft publisher, Microsoft project, Microsoft teams, Microsoft Visio, etc.

Microsoft Word:

The Microsoft word has always been a component part of the Microsoft office. It is a word processor. Over the years, it has undergone series of development.

microsoft office word

It is used mainly for formatting words. It is the most widely used word processing software. Various text formatting actions can be done using the Microsoft word. It allows the creation of word document under the default format of .doc or .docx.

Dictionaries, thesaurus and the spell checkers have now been integrated with Microsoft Word. The template allows for easy word formatting. Alignment, fonts types & sizes, heading, paragraph are some of the formatting actions. The WordArt is used for making artworks in the Microsoft Word with Windows. Bullet and numbering can be used to create lists for items. Users can create tables, perform calculations, choose the screen orientation, and select the font type, style and size. A lot more can be done using this great masterpiece of a software by Microsoft. See how to download Microsoft Word free trial version after checking out the Microsoft Office price and its packages.

Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet editor. It can be used for the collection and arrangement of data as well as calculation.

Microsoft Office Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint is for creating different arrays of slideshows for presentation on screens. The presentation is composed of texts, images, graphics, etc.

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Microsoft Access.

You can use Microsoft Access for database management while Microsoft Outlook is designed for the management of personal information. It acts like the email.

Microsoft OneNote is specially designed for note and important information gathering. The information so gathered can be shared with other OneNote users over the internet. The Microsoft publisher is used for designing and publishing items such as Calender’s, business cards, greetings cards, etc.

Microsoft office suite is pocket-friendly. Users will always derive satisfaction from using this one-in-a-generation tool. Free trial versions are available on the Microsoft website.

Microsoft Office price for Desktop and Mobile versions.

The Microsoft Office price for the latest version is between $100 and $200. The mobile versions are relatively free. Incorporation of Microsoft with several mobile phone and tablet manufacturing companies have made it possible for many mobile devices to come with the Microsoft Office Suite already embedded as a default application.

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