Microsoft office suite features

Microsoft Office Suite: Features, Pricing And How It Works

What is Microsoft Office Suite?

Microsoft Office Suite is a collection of simple-to-use applications for documents and content creations. Most of the popular software that makes up the office suite is used for editing and formatting of contents. Microsoft Office Suite is very flexible because it works perfectly on Windows operating systems and on Mac operating systems. It also operates perfectly on mobile platforms such as Android operating systems, on iPhones and on iPads. Microsoft office suite has the functionality that allows updated documents to be synchronized across many platforms. Microsoft office suite features

A mobile scanner is embedded in it, so it allows an organisation to scan documents with ease. This is done via the camera of the device. This software can allow official signatures to be appended on documents digitally. This is done via the integration of office suites with electronics signatures.

The benefits of using the Office Suites.

Microsoft Office Suite can convert files from one format to the other. Most notably, it can convert doc files to PDF and vice versa. This is a functionality that is very rare in other software similar to office suites. In addition to this, office suites can convert files to ePub formats. Hence, it allows users to read documents with ease using any device.

The office suite has a dashboard through which the manager can change lots of settings in the software. If the user subscribes to the business plan, then he can easily reassign or add new seats for other staff of his organisation to make use of the advanced administrative tools of the office suites. With this, the licence rights of the software can be controlled.

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Office suites secure documents for the organization. The digital signature and passwords functionalities prevent unauthorized use of documents and files by some staff. In a nutshell, it allows work to be done is a secure environment.

The flexibility of the office suite gives room for higher productivity since it can be used across many platforms and on mobile phones. Hence, users can do their job anywhere without hitches. Also, users can open many types of file formats using the office suites. It can create and edit files in txt, Doc, ppt, CSV, etc formats. Microsoft Office Suite is very efficient when it comes to the creation and editing of a wide range of files. Microsoft office suite

Microsoft Office Suite Features.

Microsoft office suite is very efficient and it has the following features:

It can create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. It can convert files to the portable document format (PDF). It allows password protection and digital signatures support. It supports OpenDocument files. Other features include:

Annotations, Changing of trackings, Printing of documents, Editing of hyperlinks, Integrates licence manager, etc.

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The Microsoft Office Suite basic plan is free of charge, but the other three plans are paid. The basic plans have limitations in that some features are not available. The personal plan is $9.99 per year. The group plan cost $14.99 per year while the business plan cost $3.99 per month. You can subscribe or buy this software directly from Microsoft online.

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