How to Join the Microsoft Partner Program

The Microsoft partner program was created for those that wish to belong to a worldwide community that works with Microsoft to create a mutually beneficial interest. You can join to improve your knowledge of Microsoft solutions, grow your business, show your basic skills and create new products and services with their technical support.

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  • What is the Microsoft partner program
  • Learn of the Membership types
  • Know the cost of the Microsoft partner program
  • Learn how to join the Microsoft Partner Program
  • Types of Membership Available and their conditions
  • Real benefits for Joining Microsoft Partner Program

What Is Microsoft Partner Program?

The Microsoft partner program links you to a large group of individuals and professionals. It shows you new products and services in Microsoft and it also gives you in-depth information about them that you can use to improve your business, while you learn new things that help you to grow continuously.

You can Join to get assorted products in the industry, become a member of a big group, associate with others to build bigger businesses that keep your customers happy with world-class services or products.

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Learn of the Membership types

Joining a Microsoft Partner Program today free of charge and select how to partner with Microsoft in either the action pack, starter pack or competency kit.

Microsoft partnership system has different levels of benefit you can get. For example, Competency level shows the height of your skills in the use of Microsoft products and how you have mastered them to create solutions for both customers and partners.

When your skill is high in the use of Microsoft solutions, the Action pack or starter pack gives you software and the backing that will enable you to create better Microsoft solutions for your customers.

Know the Cost of Microsoft Partner Program

You are aware that you do not pay any fee to join the Microsoft Partner Program.

What you have to pay for is the annual fee for your level of partnership. The annual fee for the Gold membership is $5,260, while Silver is $1,850 and the gold membership will cost you $475 as at 2018.

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Learn how to join the Microsoft Partner Program

To join the program, visit the Membership page in the website and start your enrollment by selecting either join or enrol to join the Microsoft Partner Network. You can also visit Microsoft partner support to learn more.

Types of Membership Available and Their Conditions

There are three levels of membership in the Microsoft Partner Program. When you join, you begin the growth journey. Each level has different benefits attached to it to help you improve your business and build better relationships with other partners.

As you improve and take part in the program, you will gain entrance into higher levels and learn more by your involvement in the program with Microsoft and other partners.  The 3 levels are action pack, starter pack and competency. Let us see what action pack will give you.

Action Pack for Start-Up Businesses

If you are starting a business, you should select an action pack to get the software and technical support to launch your business. You can increase your prowess and launch new products and services using Cloud-based setup and design an online experience for mobile users using Microsoft solutions.

Show You Competencies

When you pick this kit, you have to show your expert knowledge about a specific kind of business. In addition, when you get Microsoft competencies, you can meet your present customers’ needs and get more potential customers easily.

When you show your competencies in this membership type, you will stand out from the crowd.

Real Benefits for Joining Microsoft Partner Program

For joining Microsoft Partner Network, you gain in the following ways: You use time and money more efficiently, it increases your area of strength, you are able to serve your customer more than before, you can now network with people that can help you to grow your business.

The Real Benefits Include

When you join the program, you get real benefits such as gaining continuous technical support, being able to network with other partners and keep developing. This will increase your understanding of Microsoft products or services to enable you to improve your skill to create apps and cloud solutions.

Also, you are able to stand out and distinguish yourself and as a result get more customers. In addition, it will improve your earnings and you will get more benefits from Microsoft for increasing sales.

Furthermore, you are able to have more leads using niche based marketing resources, improve the way you make your sales, and how your customers pay you for work done, and help customers get the products or services you make using technical backing of Microsoft and the community of experts.


This Microsoft partner program helps you to grow your business using Microsoft solutions. The program helps you to increase your networking ability as you join a real community that will give you technical support. Aside from that, it enables you to increase your knowledge about Microsoft products and services to improve your competence, creativity and profitability.

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