Microsoft Project 2016 free download for Windows & Mac

Microsoft project 2016 free download
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In this article, I will teach you how to get the Microsoft project 2016 free download. As a professional, a contractor or a student managing your projects is the key to doing well in business or at school. Although there is a lot of project management software available on the internet, many users prefer the Microsoft project management solution. And that is why I am writing this post, to explain how you can get the Microsoft project 2016 free download. So what is Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project was developed by Microsoft for you to carry out project management with ease. Also, the program comes in many versions but they all enable you to arrange work and the people you are collaborating with to ensure you finish your project on time.

Microsoft project 2016 free download

Besides, project management software helps you to understand the project, so you are able to communicate and show project information, manage finance and project timelines smoothly. The Microsoft Project 2016 software is a stand-alone software so you can buy it and use it on its own just like your Microsoft office software. Although the newest version of the software is Microsoft Project 2019 which you can try for 30 days, I will focus on the Microsoft Project 2016 that you can evaluate for 180 days. Also, the application has both the professional and standard versions. Of course, the professional comes with more advanced functions.

In addition, the standard version is a single product without a cloud connection and it does not have project portfolio management, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management. But, both the professional and standard versions can run on a desktop computer and are able to get updates of projects that you are managing. So without further delay, let me show you how to get the Microsoft project 2016 free download now.

Microsoft project 2016 free download for Windows & Mac

The Microsoft project free trial 2016 software is a fully functional copy. The limitation is the trial period of 180 days. However, by the time it expires, you would have mastered how the software works. But the software does not work on Mac os.

Microsoft will allow you to download and use the free trial version of Microsoft Project from the Microsoft evaluation centre.  Let us see the steps right away.
Microsoft project 2016 free download-search

  1. Carry out a Google search for Microsoft project 2016 evaluation. And look out for the Microsoft TechNet Evaluation Center website and click on project professional 2016.
  2. When you click that link it will take you the Microsoft Evaluation Center.
  3. Now, Sign in with your Microsoft Account by entering your Email and password.
    Microsoft project 2016 free download-evaluation center sign in
  4. But, if you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create one and then click on the Sign-in button to download the software.
  5. On the Microsoft Evaluation Center website, do a search of the word “Microsoft Project 2016”.
    evaluation site search
  6. It will list this page. so click on the Project Server 2016.
  7. And that action will take you to this page “Microsoft project server 2016 ”.Microsoft project 2016 free download-evalutaion
  8. Now, select project Server 2016 and click on start your evaluation. You will see a Form and Microsoft’s request that you complete the form to continue.
  9. So, to get the software you have to register by filling that form.

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Registering the software

For you to get the Microsoft project 2016 free download, complete the form on the Microsoft Evaluation website.

fill a form

  1. So, go on and click on the “continue button”
  2. And fill the form to provide Microsoft with your name, email address, and country. Then select your language and so on.
  3. After that, state the software version. If it is for a 32 or 64-bit system
  4. Also, select how you want Microsoft to contact you, tick Text or Html and also tick that you would like to hear from Microsoft and its partners by your email address and then submit the form by clicking on continue.
    how to communicate

Getting the product key Microsoft Project 2016

Getting the product key will enable you to make use of the Microsoft Project 2016 download for a trial period of 180 days. So, follow these steps to get the key.

  1. After you have completed filling the form, then click the Continue button.
  2. That action will enable Microsoft to display the product key on your computer screen and the Download will start immediately.
    download of project 2016 key
  3. So, copy the key so that you can use it when you sign in for the first time into the program.
  4. After download what you need to do next is to click on the Run button and install the software.
  5. Just follow the onscreen instructions to install and activate the trial for 180 days with the license or product key you had received earlier.
  6. Also, you can launch the program after the software finishes the installation.
  7. And start using it for the next 180 days.
  8. That is how to get Microsoft project 2016 free download.

30 Days Free Trial of MS Project 2019

In addition, you can get another opportunity for a free trial of Microsoft Project. But, you will be able to try the 2019 software for only 30 days on either Project Online Premium plan with a partner. Or try the Project Online Professional plan alone. But, the limitation is the short period and also because they are web-based. Besides, you cannot try Project Online Essentials.

To get a 30 days free trial follow these steps.

  • Go to the Microsoft Project
    project 2019 trial
  • Choose a plan to try out of the three plans Project Online Professional plan alone, Project Online Premium plan with a partner or project plan. Click the plan you prefer.
  • It will lead you to this page on the Microsoft project website
  • Fill the form to enter your email address, give your personal details
  • Also, create your business identity
  • And then click on Get started to get the trial.
  • That is how to get the Microsoft project 2019 free download by a 30 days trial.


To be a successful project manager, you must use a project management application. In this article, I explained how to get Microsoft project 2016 free download. I also showed you how to get the Microsoft project 2019 free trial or evaluation software for your Desktop computer from the Microsoft Website. Also, you can use this software to learn how the program works before you buy it. I hope you can download the software easily after reading this article.


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