Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server Price, Features And Updates

Microsoft SQL Server is designed by the Microsoft Corporation for the sole purpose of strong, securing, and retrieval of data over the internet. It is a database system. It can connect several computers across local networks and over the internet. In the case of multiple users, this relational tool can link more than one computer concurrently. The latest version of this software, the Microsoft SQL server 2017 was launched in October 2017. Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server Features.

Microsoft SQL Server allows a variational array of queries to be used in accessing enterprise data store on the database. This is in addition to some other complex database functions. This tool fits into the need of various companies. Various analytics of a company can be optimized and supported.

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The “in-memory analytics” feature gives room for increased speed in data access by allowing queries and analytics to be done even when data is in the RAM.

It has a clustering replication feature and users can easily create their own customized modules for integration into the server. Data can be imported and exported. Microsoft SQL Server

It is available for Windows and Linux operating systems. It works fine on both virtual and physical servers. It allows integration with third-party programs. The developer edition allows the tool to be used and tested free of charge. Another known feature of this system is the reporting services. The latest version allows the reporting services to be shifted to using Adobe. The Job feature allows users to schedule tasks and the process of the job is done automatically without the intervention of humans. The disaster recovery solutions are also great.

Editions of Microsoft SQL Server and Pricing.

The Microsoft SQL Server exists in various editions. These editions vary in features since they are customized to fit the needs of certain classes or groups of users.

  • Enterprise edition: This has both the core database services and additional services. Its large number of tools can manage large SQL data and databases up to 500 petabytes and the memory usually grows up to tens of terabytes. Users pay up to $14,256 for this edition.
  • Standard edition: This edition has the core SQL database interface and stand-alone services. It supports a lesser number of nodes and high availability functions are not supported. The open no price level for standard per core version of this edition is $3717. The server+ client access licenses(CAL) version cost $931
  • Developer edition: This edition is used free by developers to test and check applications in the SQL server.
  • Web edition: This is specialized for web usage. It is low cost compared to other editions. It is only third-party software users that are allowed to use this edition. The cost depends on the hosting partner.
  • Business intelligence: This edition is more of a self-service system. It also has the business intelligence functionality. There is also an availability of the standard edition features. Some of the business intelligence tools include data quality services, power view, BI semantic models, master data services, etc.

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  • Express edition: This edition is free to use version. It includes all the core functionalities and allows a limitless number of users. Microsoft SQL Server pricing
  • Azure: The azure edition is a specialized edition. It is based on the cloud network. There are several other specialized editions such as analytics platform system, LocalDB, Fast track, evaluation, compact SQL, etc. Not minding additionally specialized functions that they perform, they all perform the core database function.

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