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Microsoft Windows 7 Price And Features

Microsoft Windows 7 is one of the many operating systems developed by the Microsoft systems. It was released in October 2009. It was designed to serve as an efficient upgrade on the Window Vista operating systems which preceded it. Poor reception was the bane of the Windows Vista operating system. This flaw was effectively addressed by the Windows 7 operating systems.

Windows 7 operating system is completely an upgrade on the Windows Vista. The action centre is upgraded to show more security actions, the user account control interface has many additional but less intrusive options and the task bar now allows the pinning of important software. Microsoft Windows 7 priceWindows 7 operating system was generally accepted and given thumbs up even by staunch critics. It was very glaring that Windows 7 is a complete upgrade on Windows Vista. There were millions of pre-order of the this operating systems even before the date of release. Over 600 million copies were sold within the first 2 years of release. Windows 7 was a major landmark for Microsoft systems. Windows 7 was clearly the most popular operating system up until January 2018 when it was usurped by Windows 10. That notwithstanding, Windows 7 is still the go-to operating system in many African and Asian countries.

Features of Microsoft Windows 7 Operating Systems (OS).

Many of the functionalities in the windows Vista operating system received a boost and improvement in Windows 7.

It allows touch-screen recognition and handwriting support. There is also the provision for virtual hard disks. There is a general improvement in the operating speed with improvement in the multi-core processors and booting. Windows 7 priceAlso introduced in the Windows 7 package is the search option which allows keywords to be used in navigating to files. If the name of the file is entered in the search box, the files with those names will show up.

The library categorization was also an improvement in the windows 7 package. Instead of converging all files in one location, they can now be separated into different places known as libraries.

The task bar is also improved upon. If you have many windows open, then they will be grouped into one place. Hovering the mouse at the spot will show a stack of all the windows which will become visible when the mouse is hovers on it.  Pinning of important and regularly used apps has become a lot easier. You can simply right click on the app and select the ‘pin to task bar option’. From the start menu, you can hover the mouse on the arrow beside any of the systems like ms-excel, Ms-word or the likes and you will see a drop down showing recent documents. There, you can simply click to open or right click to pin to task bar.

You can easily stack any window by simply dragging it to the task bar.

It also has the Gamma curve functionality and the smart screen touch function.


Microsoft Windows 7 Price.

Windows 7 is highly innovative, it comes in three versions. There exists the windows 7 Home premium, the windows 7 professional and the windows 7 ultimate. They all come in varying prices for both upgrading and outright buys.Windows 7 price

  • For upgrading: Windows 7 Home premium is $108,  upgrade to windows 7 family pack for 3 users costs $153.95, windows 7 Professional upgrade cost $157.88 and windows 7 Ultimate upgrade costs $172.95.
  • For outright buys: The cost of purchasing Windows 7 Home premium is $169.99, Windows 7 professional is $254.45 and windows 7 ultimate is sold for $260.65.

You can buy this product online directly from Amazon and other online store like Ebay.

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