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How To Get Microsoft Word Product Key For Latest Version Free

It may shock you to know how often a lot of folks do ask for Microsoft word product key. it is no surprise that this happens a lot of the time especially when there is a release of a latest version. In this article, I will be guiding you on how to secure a Microsoft word product key.

When do I need a Microsoft word key?

Obviously, anytime you go for a computer newly, you will realize it already has Microsoft word installed on it from the venders. Notwithstanding, Microsoft word is still not a freeware. Moreover, whenever you want to reinstall Microsoft word, you will need a Microsoft word product key to be able to activate it.

Why do I need a Microsoft word key?

However, getting Microsoft product key may be a little frustrating especially if you don’t know your way around it. Unfortunately, you will be unable to enjoy the features without it. The features will be disabled. Hence, this may lead you through some difficult experience. Perhaps, how do you feel if you consistently observe the warning sign on your screen to activate windows? Sadly, it makes you feel you are probably using a fake product.

How to get Microsoft word key free?

Unfortunately, people sometimes worry while surfing the internet for Microsoft word product key to use for free. Notwithstanding, do you take time to pour over the fact that it might not be genuine? Moreover, there is a tendency that the keys you find eventually are more likely to be produced with the use of a key generator. In most cases, you can be able to copy the Microsoft word product key from the Microsoft office.

Where to find your Microsoft word product key?

Certainly, it is important to note; rather than lookup for product key for free online, it pays to buy a product key from Microsoft. This will enable you to enjoy the full benefits and prevent any form of inconvenience. The key often contains 25 characters. It is a mixture of numbers and alphabets. In addition, locating your key varies depending on where you purchased it.

To start, there is a tendency to get your Microsoft word from online Microsoft store: in this case, you may have to enter your Microsoft account by visiting Microsoft store site. Eventually, you can easily discover your Microsoft word product key in digital content page.

microsoft word product key sign in


In addition, an alternate method would be to access your Microsoft account from Microsoft office site. After you must have accessed it, try to find your Microsoft key through the “view your product option”

Again, another way to discover your Microsoft word product key is through a DVD box: rather than look up for Microsoft word free key online, you can decide to install Microsoft word from a DVD. Certainly, the key is attached to the DVD box or a card.

Furthermore, should you buy a new Windows 8 or Windows 10, you will discover that the latest version of Microsoft word might have been installed with the operating system. In this case, you may not be able to find the Microsoft word product key. Nevertheless, if you wish to reinstall Microsoft word, it will be advisable to make use of backup for the application and the key.

Helpful FAQs on Microsoft word key

Undoubtedly, there are some FAQs on Microsoft word key one can consider helpful in finding your key.


I can’t find a product key after purchasing a new Windows 10 PC with office on it. What do you suppose I do?


Consequently, you might be in a situation where you find out the “Let’s get started” box displayed on your screen. It usually comes with options. Again, the option might require you to buy, activate or try office installation on your PC as trial for 1 month. Circumspectly, you can decide which option to go for. Just so you know, you may only have to buy or receive the key card before you get your Microsoft key.


I bought a product key card, what to do if there is no key on it?


Certainly, there is always a key under the foil coating. On a serious note, you must be really careful when handling the card. Gently scratch the coating with silver foil so you don’t end up damaging it. You will find the product key revealed at the end.

microsoft word product key card

Furthermore, to get more information about your Microsoft word product key, I will recommend you click here to gather more insight about this article revealed to you.


In conclusion, I want to believe this article has made your day. Again, whatever information you need on Microsoft word product key, please feel free to visit the site.

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