Mint vs Spendee

Mint vs Spendee App Comparison

Between Mint vs Spendee, which should you start using? When you desire great budgeting or money-saving app around, the finest is the Mint budgeting app and the Spendee but picking between these lovely apps can be quite challenging. However, these apps are great additions to your budgeting plan as well as your smart device to ensure you stay ahead of the game at all times.

Mint vs Spendee

Mint Vs Spendee (Product Comparison).

This may be because of your personal references as well as the benefits you will prefer. Bearing this in mind, we have decided to display every aspect of each app as well as the similarities and differences to help you make the best choices to suit your desires.

The Mint app.

The Mint app

The Mint budgeting app is a great app indeed. With the Mint app, you can manage finances in one place. It has great budgeting and tracking features that are very easy to use.  It is free to sign up and add bank accounts and it’s perfect for a certain group of individuals. It is a lovely app for newbies who wish to stay ahead in investments and money-saving tips.

When comparing the Mint vs Spendee app, note that each time, you use Mint app, all financial data gets automatically updated.  Besides that, you can get all your financial information in one place using it’s infographic features.

Exploring the Mint app specification.

1. Budgeting and tracking expense: The Mint app is oriented to help you budget and track all expenses seamlessly it ever gives you the option to organize your budget into categories. You can also make changes to your transactions after you must have downloaded them easily, therefore, transactions can be efficiently adjusted to fit your plan.

2. Creating and managing goals: With the Mint app, you can easily set goals from time to time. These goals might be paying off credit or debit cards as well as savings for your long-term term goals can be easily set up to reflect on your monthly budgeting as well as managing credit score.

One of the layers added to the Mint app is the ability to track your credit score seamlessly.  You can easily view your credit score payment lists and age of the credit accounts.

The Spendee App.

The Spendee App
Mint versus Spendee

The Spendee app is a free expense tracking app allowing you excellent money management tools. It is useful for anyone who wishes to track expenses with the added stress of sorting out one’s bookkeeping skills. The Spendee is also very great for personal newbies investors smartphone users as well as budgeters.

1. Budget and track expenses: With the Spendee app, you can easily budget and track all expenses. You are also given the added advantage of customizing your budget list to any format manually without any added stress. In addition, you can add a picture for every expense made to help keep an accurate view of your expenses.

2. Connecting to bank account: Just like your Mint app, the Spendee app also allows you to connect all your bank accounts so you can easily view and manage your account through its infographic display.

3. Multiple currencies and sharing: With Spendee, you can use different currencies all in one go without having to deal with the confusions of exchange. In addition for you to share accounts with someone, you can invite this person into your Spendee account, therefore, added benefits for you both.


Similarities between Mint vs Spendee App.

1. Free: Both apps offer free versions which can also be upgraded to the premium membership at regular monthly payments.

2. Budget and track expenses: The Mint and Spendee app both offer simple and easy to use interface as well as smart infographic view of all your financial accounts in one place.

3. Synchronization: You can easily synchronize both apps to your bank accounts to keep an expert eye on your finances at all times.

4. Investment options: If you are looking for an app that offers you sought into investments then both apps are definitely not your best bet as they are only able to help you budget and track expenses and nothing more.

What makes the Spendee app different from the Mint app?

Despite the fact that these two apps have many similar benefits, there are still many ways in which they are so different, giving you a better avenue of choosing the one you do prefer.

  • Multiple sharing: The Mint App is made for single personal use while the Spendee app can be comfortably used by a couple of who share bank accounts or simply share expenditures.
  •  Multiple currencies: The Mint App is simplistic in nature and therefore given support to one currency it might be a hard sell for travellers Nomads or international business individuals because they all have to manually exchange currencies.
    With the Spendee app, there is no need for that it supports multiple currencies ensuring straightforward control of all your currencies including Cryptocurrencies and E-wallets.
  •  Alerts and reminders: When it comes to the ability to receive notifications about bills to be paid or when you have exceeded your budget then you should pick the Spendee app. This application is a great tool for keeping a watchful eye over your expenses
  • Custom Tips and Savings: When you do not need an app that will help you properly with your personal finances by offering tips and the ability to make goals. The Mint app would be the right choice over the Spendee app. In addition, the Spendee app will ensure that you have a good idea of your credit score and receive financial tips.


After comparing the Mint vs Spendee app, no doubt both are awesome budgeting tools when you do need a tool that will help you with financial management as well as expenses tracking, the Mint app is your choice.

But when you are a Normad or traveller, who wishes to keep an adept eye on expenses, the Spendee app offers you all that you need. I do hope you found this article interesting, do let us know about what choice you would.

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