How To Mirror iPhone to TV – Step by Step Guide

There are several ways to Mirror iPhone to TV. The Most Straight Forward process to Mirror your iPhone to your TV is by using a wired connection. However, you can also connect your iPhone to your TV through a wireless connection, or use the alternative method of connecting your iPhone to your TV with Chromecast.

How to Mirror iPhone to TV
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People ask these questions whether it is possible to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV, or mirror iPhone to TV without WI-Fi, even how to mirror iPhone to Samsung TV. Well, we will answer those questions in this post and show you how you can mirror iPhone to your HDTV and also how to Mirror your iPhone to your Apple TV.

How To Mirror iPhone to TV

Using a Lightning Digital AV Adapter (A Wired Connection)

Digital AV Adapter
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Lightning Digital AV Adapter
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This is the easiest and straight-forward way to Mirroring your iPhone to your TV. First, you buy a Lightning digital AV adapter from the Apple store, at about $49 although other retailers like WalMart and Amazon sell it for less. Once you have a Lightning Digital AV Adapter, you will also need an HDMI cable, that sells for $29 on the apple store, but goes for less on Amazon or other retailing websites. After, getting those two appliances you are now set for the real process.

Setup is Easy:

  • Plug the lightning cable to the iPhone.
  • Next, plug the HDMI cable to your TV on one end and the adapter on the other.

Turn the TV on, use the remote to select from the multiple HDMI inputs on your TV and ensure it is set to display the video input from the HDMI socket. You will see the iPhone home screen appear on your TV.

Mirror iPhone to TV-Wired TV Connection
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Pick a movie or video from your list of video files, or play a clip from Netflix, YouTube or any other video app. The home screen will vanish from the TV, and the video or clip will play in full definition. You can also plug a charger into the adapter’s second lightning port, to save the battery life throughout the process. Just before you do anything else, bring up the control center, swipe left and choose video output to enable specific content from your iPhone to be sent to your TV.

Note: Video apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix might offer persistent playback controls, while the video plays on the TV, other video apps, go a step further and let you browse their catalogs while a video is playing. In addition, you can use this wired method to mirror the iPhone to Smart TV and Apple TV.

Using Airplay

You can also mirror the iPhone to Apple TV, using the wireless airplay method by using Airplay. Airplay is Apple’s proprietary wireless display technology, in order to optimally use airplay, you’ll need a receiver. The most common for video is Apple TV.

Mirror iPhone to TV-Air play
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So, here is how to mirror iPhone to Apple TV via Airplay

  • Ensure that both the iPhone and Apple TV are on and using the same local network.
  • On the iPhone swipe up to reveal the control center.
  • Next, depress Airplay mirroring button and make sure it is on
Air Play
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  • Select apple TV from the list.
Air Play
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  • On your, iPhone enter the 4-digit code that appears on your TV screen.
  • Select a video or clip to watch.
Air play
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Note: You can always tap the airplay icon during video or audio playbacks and then select your Apple TV from the device list. Also, this saves battery life and gives plenty of room for multitasking, while watching videos or movies on the screen.

GoogleChromeCast; An Alternative Wireless Method

Chrome cast is Google’s answer for Apple TV. You can now use Google’s wireless casting technology to stream content wirelessly from your iPhone. In addition, it also allows direct streaming of contents from your iPhone device to your TV.

Mirror iPhone to TV

Here is how to mirror iPhone to TV via Googlechromecast or Chromecast.

  • Plug the Chromecast into your Television

  • The Chromecast icon will appear on supported apps
  • Tap on it and select Chromecast from the list of devices

  • Once you begin playback, it will mirror on the TV.

Using All Cast

Mirror iPhone to TV-All Cast
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Allcast is a screen mirroring app that is helpful for viewing your phone’s media files on a wide range of streaming TV devices. Also, people who do not have Apple TV and have been asking questions like how to mirror the iPhone to Samsung TV, how to mirror iPhone to LG TV and how to mirror iPhone to Vizio TV, should know that they can do so using Allcast wireless method easily. In addition, you can also use it with Smart TV products like Samsung, LG, Oled, Vizio, and Amazon that have WI-Fi.

Mirror iPhone to TV-All Cast
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Once you install, Allcast on your iPhone, it will detect any smart TV devices that are powered on and on the same network as your iPhone. Just press the cast button in the bottom-left corner, select the TV device to play on, and then choose the video or audio file you want to send to the TV.

Note: Allcast, basic app functions are free, a $5 in-app purchase removes advertisements, splash screens, and video length limits.


Apple also offers a Composite AV Cable, that connects to standard Televisions, but these only work with older iPhone devices, that use a 30-pin connector. (Users have reported that connecting  this cable with a lightning-to-30 pin adapter supports only audio output). Wired solutions have been found to be inelegant and problematic, which is why Apple Inc pushes wireless streaming services and technology.

However, Airplay is the best way to mirror or send media files to a remote display or audio device. But, If you already have Chromecast, and it works well with you, it’s okay.  However, if you feel that you can use the app to app compatibility, then Google Chrome cast is a good option.

In this article, we showed you how to understand Screen mirror technology and how to mirror iPhone to TV, how to mirror iPhone to Apple TV, and how to mirror iPhone on TV via Chromecast and Allcast, use them and enjoy the shows you like in high definition TV

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