mobile seo techniques

Top 7 Mobile SEO Techniques (That Actually Improve Website Ranking)

The Mobile SEO techniques covered in this post is sure to help you rank higher on mobile Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) if it’s well implemented.

mobile seo techniques

Technology is changing by the day, and so is the nature of the online audience. The sophistication of technology has translated to high internet usage across the world. More people are joining the internet every day, and as studies have proved, the largest audience accesses the internet through mobile devices.

Mobile technology has caused some changes in the practice of SEO since mobile sites have overtaken desktop sites. How then do you gratify your mobile audience? Highlighted in this article are mobile SEO techniques that will help you improve your website ranking.

1. Increasing Page Speed

A fast-loading page goes a long way in keeping your audience happy. Numerous studies have been conducted to prove that most people will not wait for a page to load for more than three seconds. The dynamics are stricter for mobile audiences. While you might have properly optimized your desktop site for speed, the logic may translate differently on mobile site. A web page that may take 2 seconds to load on a laptop may be sluggish on a mobile site.

Google PageSpeed Insight

Increasing the speed of your mobile site will call for leveraging data caching and file compressing. Before you upload an image, for instance, compress it to small size without pixelating it and compromising on quality. You want your audience to view the pictures without strain. Remember to reduce unnecessary redirects as much as possible. You can use the Google PageSpeed Insight tool to test the speed of your website and see the areas that need improvements.

2. Customizing mobile web design

A lot of the times, the themes for desktop sites are not compatible with mobile devices. It explains why a mobile user may need to zoom in and out to access content from a particular website.

Several mobile themes are in the market for a mobile site. Customize a web design for your mobile audience to favour them in a variety of ways. As to matters colour, avoid flashy colours that are off-turning to the eye.

check website responsiveness

Declutter your site from unmerited pop-up ads that spam your site and irritate your audience. The font types and sizes should be clear and readable, more importantly, compatible with the background.

Overall, be sure your mobile site is easy to manoeuvre, for navigability. Remember that the mobile audience scroll endlessly, therefore, revolutionize and simplify your web design to suit your audience. Use Google Mobile-friendly test tool to see if your website is friendly on mobile devices.

page is mobile friendly

3. Using Schema markups

Mobile users have a limited screen space to use. For the searches on Google, a search with rich snippets is highly likely to receive more clicks than a plain result. The more clicks a site gets, the higher its position on searches.

The schema markups provide adequate information, briefly stated to resound as closest to the solution to the searched query as possible. You can use featured images that will display side by side with the Meta description on the snippet.

what is

Keep schema markups relevant to your brand and content, but interesting enough to capture the attention of your target audience.

4. Optimizing your landing pages

As would be depicted when tracking your SERP, landing pages have a vital role to play in a site’s ranking. Optimizing your mobile landing page should be a little minimalistic than for the desktop site. You want to be clear with the message you are passing across, for example, a clearly stated call-to-action.

The goal of optimizing a landing page is to increase the click-through rate. Think of long-tail keywords that are more descriptive and capture intent.

5. Unblocking CSS and JavaScript

When you use CSS and JavaScript for a mobile-friendly site, they can be downloaded along with the content. The GoogleBot that reads through content on your mobile site should be able to read the content that your target audience does. Blocking your CSS and JavaScript disallows these bots from doing so.

The CSS and JavaScript also let search engines determine whether your mobile site is responsive or not.

6. Using Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are versions of a website that are lighter and faster to load. AMPs are made to improve the general performance of a web content. Google has recently begun to show AMP results for websites, and as a result, sites with AMPs have received more traffic. You can easily install the AMP plugin if your website is on the WordPress platform.

AMP for WordPress

For an improved page speed on your mobile site, using AMP is your best option.

7. Voice search for keyword research

Voice search technology has since gained a lot of popularity. A lot of the search queries received from mobile devices are from voice search. If you are not alert to capitalize on voice search, you may be thrown off-bus shortly.

For your mobile site, determine the use of search terms that would be spoken by audiences over what they could type. A good example is, using ‘can’t‘ instead of ‘cannot.’ Opt for phrases over terms, and if it helps, speak words out loud. Afterwards, strategically position your keywords in a natural flow within your copy, on title tags, Meta descriptions and landing pages.

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Mobile SEO Techniques – Wrapping Up

Now, you have seen why mobile optimization is important. Your goal for mobile SEO is to rank high, which makes it a necessity to improve the user experience of your mobile site. This way, you cut down on bounce rates and increase click-through rates, all of which boost your ranking on SERP.

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