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Monday is one of the leading communication and collaborative project management app for teams. It gathers information in a single hub that can be accessed and lets team members make strategic decisions together. It is mostly concerned with streamlining contributions and to help teammates perform in a productive way. You can get Monday free for 14 days before you will have to subscribe. With Monday, team members can keep track of their common projects because it assembles and also displays all their progress in a logical manner.

When using this platform, every member of the team can contribute to the project while enjoying a well organized and well-defined interface. It is very easy to use that first-timers will have no problem navigating their way around. It also applies to schedule to projects and tasks thereby helping the organization get rid of concealed works. Monday software is very capable, trustworthy and reliable.  It manages activities with speed and collaborating features.

Features of Monday

Get Monday free

Monday is one of the most used project management software out there and this is because of what it offers its users. Whether you get Monday free or subscribe to it, below are some of the features you will get:

  1. Multiple employees can use it to collaborate and solve problems together.
  2. It also serves as a communication tool.
  3. It displays the progress of your tasks as you proceed
  4. Dropbox and Google drive integrations
  5. You can export files or documents from Adobe.
  6. It notifies you by sending you email and also sends you updates
  7. You can comment and hold discussions on the platform.
  8. It is very easy and fast to use and it also has a high response system.

Benefits of using Monday for free

Ease of access: As I have said earlier, you will have no problem using this software even as a Novice, it has a very easy and simple interface. Even if you encounter problems while using it, there are many materials online on how to operate it.

Monitoring: It has a board that lists all tasks and connects to team members in charge of tracking. It gives managers a platform to check and constantly monitor what individuals assigned a task are saving. It saves them time.

Report and Analysis: Projects that are connected are kept organized in a spreadsheet so that users will be able to have access to it with little or no stress at all. The reports are kept in a simple manner that you won’t have any problem, reading and understanding its contents.

Collaboration: This is the most important benefit it has. To make changes, all you need to do is just click on it. You can also add comments to inform your team members of whatever change you might have made. By doing this, you can open up a question forum and openly discuss it with them.

Monday Features

Equal Assistance: Whether you use Monday free or you are a premium user, you will always get solutions to whatever problems you have. Their support group attend and assist all users and make sure you are using the system as you should.

Customization: You can design the platform just as you want. It is possible to configure every option until you get the specific one you wish. Categorizing in sections and groups is available. You can tailor it to your needs.

Pricing and Plans for Monday Software

You can get Monday free for 14 days and after that, you may subscribe to a plan if you want. It has three different plans that you can select for your business. The first is the basic which is $39 per month.

The second is the standard and that is $49 every month, the last is the Pro and it is $79 monthly. Finally, we have the Enterprise plan, you will have to contact the provider to get the price of this.

Supported Devices for Monday free/Premium account

The devices that Monday supports are Windows, Android, IOS (iPhone &iPad), Mac and Web-based. You should be able to operate it on these devices.

How to get Monday for free

One great thing about using Monday free is that you get to test the PRO plan. You can see all the great features they have to offer for 14 days.

First, to get Monday for free, head over to their official website Click on the Get started button at the left side. A pop up will ask for your business email, input it and wait. After this, complete your personal details and whatever questions you are asked. Once you have answered all about yourself and your business, click continue.  You can also invite your teammates to join you on your platform.  You can now start creating your boards and customizing your dashboard.

Monday free - enter work email
Enter work email

After this, if you love using Monday free, you can upgrade your plans to make your stay a permanent and premium one.  You can also download the mobile app on your phone. If you do not subscribe before it ends, your account will automatically delete.


Finally, that is how to get Monday free without paying a dime for the first 14 days. This trial period is just a way for its users to get familiar with it and decide whether it is the right one for them or not.

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