10 Best MP4 to MP3 Converter Apps (Android/iPhone) 2019

In this article, we will be discussing 10 mp4 to mp3 converter apps for Android and iPhone users. Just in case you have a favourite movie soundtrack you like to listen to or a music video you’ll like to make your new ring tone. I want you to know that this article was written just for you, without further delay let’s get into the discussion.

best mp4 to mp3 converter app

MP4 to MP3 Converter Apps – It works on Android & iPhones.

  • MP3 Video Converter

MP3 Video Converter

Mp3 Video Converter is an MP4 to MP3 video converter app which you can use to convert video files to any audio file format. With this Video converter app, you can convert video to audios. You can trim, resize and make new ringtones off video files easily and fast. This app supports various type of video and audio formats which includes Mp4, 3gp, WEBM, WMV and FLV, audio formats like Mp3, AAC, WAV. This converter app is available to only Android users.

  • Video to Mp3 converter – Merger and Mp3 cutter

Video to Mp3 converter

The second mp4 to mp3 converter app on our list today is Video to Mp3 converter. This Android app has the power to convert all your local video files to audio formats. It also provides additional options to edit audio meta-data. Also, with this mp4 converter software, you can trim converted audio files or any other mp3 files found in your device. It also has multiple file merging options and features available.

  • MP4 format to Mp3 Convert

MP4 format to Mp3 Convert

The third on our list, This mp4 to mp3 converter app enables you to extract mp3 audio files from video contents. This Android video converter app contains multiple bitrate options and has a simple and highly advanced mode converter for advanced users. Mp4 format to mp3 convert is one of the fastest mp4 to mp3 converters. its extraction process is also very quick, additional features like setting a custom folder for saving extracted audio files are also featured.

  • MP4 to Mp3; Cut Ringtones, Convert Video to Audio

MP4 to Mp3

This is another free Mp4 to Mp3 converter app, with this app you can easily create audio files from local video contents, editing features like resizing, trimming, renaming and merging are also included.

It’s the fourth app on our list, developed by VideoMasterTools. Mp4 to Mp3 is an Android app for audio file extraction and video converting.

  • Convert to Mp3 (by InglesDivino)

Convert to Mp3

This Mp4 to Mp3 converter app supports various video formats. It is listed 5th on our list today because of its quick multiple conversion processes. You can convert several video contents into different audio formats at the same time on this Android video converter app. The process is quick and the extracted files are saved directly into a custom folder for the app; saving you a great deal of time.

  • Video to mp3 tagger-mp3 tagger

Video to mp3 tagger-mp3 tagger

Mp3 tagger is one of the best mp4 to mp3 Android converter app we have on the list ranked 6th today, this video converter app has the ability to easily convert all your local video files into different audio formats, it also has additional features to trim, resize, rename and merge extracted audio files and local audio files found in your device. It is also an audio player from which you can play, delete, share and generally edit audio files.

  • Video to Mp3 Converter – Music

Video to Mp3 Converter

This is an mp4 to mp3 converter app specifically for iPhone users. Like similar video converter apps, it supports various video formats like Mp4, 3GP, WebM and more. Customize ringtones and audio files for different formats that you can easily create with this awesome app. Audio extraction just got better and easier with this amazing mp4 to mp3 converter app, it’s ranked 7th on our list today.

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  • To Mp3 Converter Free

To Mp3 Converter Free

To mp3 converter is a great video converter app, probably one of the best mp4 to mp3 converter apps for iPhone. It can convert any video file to an audio file. The process is unrestricted. That is why we are ranking it 8th on our list. You get the best Audio quality possible when you use a video converter app of this kind. It is only available to iOS users. This app is one hell of a guy!

  • Video to Mp3 Converter

Video to Mp3 Converter

This app is probably one of the best mp4 to mp3 converter app available to Android users. It converts whole video contents to audio formats like Mp3, AAC and WAV. With additional features like video and audio cutters, quality extraction is not a problem. Video to mp3 converter app supports different video formats. It easily creates audio ringtones, supports an advance mode Mp3 conversion for advanced users and is probably one of the fastest Mp4 to Mp3 converters I know. It ranked 9th on our list.

  • Video mp3 converter (by Funsdevs LLC)

Video mp3 converter

If you want to convert whole video contents to audio formats, resize, trim and merge multiple audio files, l don’t know any other app to recommend to you than video mp3 converter by Funsdevs LLC. This mp4 to mp3 converter app is the fastest mp4 to mp3 converter app on the play store for Android users. Easy to access and fun to use,  this video converter ranks top 10 on our list.


If you’re Reading this, it’s not too late to change and get off your slow and sluggish Mp4 to mp3 converter app and pick something unique for yourself, whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, there is definitely an mp4 to mp3 converter for you on our list today. Hope to hear about your video conversion experience soon!.

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