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If you are a developer .NET Framework 4.5 will not be new to you. But, for ordinary users of the computer, it is just another program in their Windows Operating System. Also, for these individuals, until the computer, one day prompts them for this program, they may not worry about it. Furthermore, this application was developed by Microsoft for your computer operating system to run well.

.NET Framework 4.5

In this post, we shall review the .NET Framework 4.5. You will learn what the program does on your computer, who uses it most, and how you can download it when you need it.

Product Review of .NET Framework 4.5

If you are observant about error messages that your computer displays, you will realize that sometimes, it will give you this error message “ to run.Net Framework, Version = 4.5″ Your computer operating system needs this program to do certain tasks. In addition, without it, the system will not be able to carry out certain commands. Hence, you should take action and get the .NET Framework 4.5 Download.

What is.Net Framework?

.Net framework is a programming application that Microsoft developed. And, it runs on most Windows operating systems. Also, if you have advanced skill in software development, you can use this application to make different types of applications.

The peculiar thing about it is that when you use it to develop any program, it works smoothly and in future, you would need “.Net Framework” for normal updates.

For example, if a Developer used the .Net Framework to make an application running in your Windows Desktop Computer,  when you start using this computer to work in the future, at certain times, the system will prompt you for this program in order to function at its best. When that happens, just get an update to solve the problem.

However, you should note that most Windows programs require.Net Framework 3.5 version to run smoothly. But,.NET Framework  4.5 and .NET 4.6 are the newest versions of this program. In addition, you need the latest versions of this program, for your computer to run smoothly and for doing advanced programming if you are a Developer.

How Developers Use the Application

As you can see,.NET framework is not just a framework but also a big platform for developing Windows applications.

For example, Windows servers and Smartphones running Windows operating system usually requires the .NET Framework programs when it displays “Net frame error”. Furthermore, the good thing about the application is that it is simple to get and use.

So, all you need to do to fix this error message whenever it shows up on your computer is to Update your Operating system to .NET Framework 4.5 or higher versions and then continue using your computer.

Also, before you install the latest version of.NetFramework  4.5, note that it has been improved and would need more space on your computer to run smoothly. Therefore, make sure your Computer has at least 1 Gigabyte free space before you install it.

 Advanced Functions in the Latest .Net Framework 4.5

  • This version has improved libraries which you can use for programming work
  • .NetFramework 4.5 has integrated Junk file tool for removing bad system files
  • The application now has Zip and compression features.
  • In the latest version, you have advanced profile performance
  • It has highly advanced functions
  • Also, it supports Unicode file format

Additional Product Details of .Net Framework 4.5

.NET Framework 4.5 is not only an application, but a platform for developers to create solutions for Servers and Smartphones that use Microsoft Windows operating systems. The application is light in weight and the file size is 66.8 megabytes. In addition, you can get it free without a license from Microsoft official website.

Systems Space Required

To download .Net Framework 4.5 and use it well, follow this simple system space requirement guidelines.

As we told you earlier, your System requires 1 GHz Processor. Also, it needs a  512 Megabyte Random Access Memory, plus 1 GB Free space on your Hard Disk. Thirdly, the application is compatible with the 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems.

How You Can Download This Product for PC

Visit the Microsoft official website to get the product. And then, select the option to download .NET Framework 4.5 (version) for your Windows personal computer now.


.Net framework was developed by Microsoft. It runs in most Windows operating system. If you have advanced skill in software development, you can use this application to create computer solutions that will run on windows environment.

Finally, we suggest that you download the .NET Framework 4.5 instead of a lower version. This will save you from incompatibility problems and enable you to enjoy the improved features of the product.

Hope this helps you.

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