Netbooks vs notebooks

Netbooks vs Notebooks

This article will discuss netbooks vs notebooks.  A netbook and a notebook may have some similar functions but they are two different things. What usually differentiates them is the size. A netbook is much smaller than a notebook. However, do not be confused about the term netbook, ultrabook, laptop, and notebook? If you are, don’t be. They are all computers. Do you also question whether notebooks and netbooks can serve the purpose of desktop computers?Netbooks vs Notebooks

In this article titled ‘netbooks vs notebooks, we shall examine these computing devices, to show you how to differentiate them, what they have in common, what they do and how you can use them.

Let us start.

What is a Netbook?

A netbook computer is entirely new and less expensive. It is smaller than a notebook and less powerful. You can also call it a minicomputer or mini laptop. It is suitable for daily computer tasks such as typing, editing, and sending emails, etc. Besides, gaming and intensive applications like Photoshop and video editing are not possible.

In addition, when you consider netbooks vs notebooks, their name shows that they are different gadgets. An example of a netbook is the Asus EEE- Pc. The primary purpose of a netbook is for easy access to the internet, sending emails and for using on social media.

What is a Notebook?

A notebook can also be called a laptop. Although they are lighter than the laptop computer, they share the same features. One example of a notebook is the Lenovo ThinkPad x300.  However, it can perform all the functions of a laptop computer. It is very light and you carry it around easily. These features distinguish a notebook from a netbook.

What Are The Similarities Between Netbooks and Notebooks?

  • They are both lightweight computers
  •  Their batteries last long
  • You can move these Netbooks and Notebooks around easily.

What is the Difference Between Netbooks and Notebooks?

  • The netbook has low power processors while a notebook has high-performance processors.
  • The screen size for the notebook is larger than the netbook.
  • The memory space is 1 GB to 2 GB for the netbook, compare to 1 GB to more than 4 GB for the notebook.
  • The battery life of the notebook is stronger than that of a netbook as it can last for 6 to 10 hours.
  • Of course, their prices are not the same, the netbook is cheaper.
  • You cannot replace Notebooks with Netbooks.
  • Notebooks have an optical drive while Netbooks has a solid state drive.
  • A netbook is more convenient compared to a notebook
  • The cooling system is found in the notebook, not in the netbook.


In this article, we discussed netbooks vs notebooks and showed you the difference between both gadgets. For example, both are light compared to the desktop computer. However, the netbook is lighter.

In addition, if you are looking for a computer that you can move around easily, use it to send and receive emails or browsing the internet, then you should get a netbook. However, for your photos or video editing, we recommend that you get a notebook.

We hope you have learned something about netbooks and notebooks and can differentiate them. Share your experience to let us know how helpful the article is. You can also share the article on social media.

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