How to Get Netflix for Free  

Get Netflix for free


As the world of technology is advancing, there are so many platforms you can be entertained for free or by paying. It is possible to watch shows on your computer system, phone or whatever device you want. Netflix is a platform that provides such services that you can also get for free. It is a streaming service that provides TV series, documentaries, movies, animation, and much more on devices that are connected to the internet.

You can watch as many movies as you want with a monthly subscription. These shows are added weekly as they are released. Before you decide whether to subscribe or not, you can sign up for Netflix free so that you can test the services. Most people do not pay for cables, they had rather use Netflix. And this is because there are numerous benefits that they enjoy. It is a very popular and widely used streaming service. Since its launch in 1997, it has grown to 158.30 million subscribers.

Benefits of Netflix free/ Paid

There are various benefits you get to enjoy when you sign up for the Netflix streaming services, some of them are:

Ease of use: All you need to use Netflix is a stable internet connection. It is very simple and easy for anyone to use. You do not need to set anything up. Once you have a registered account with them, you are good to go. You can stream videos easily and also download the app on your phone. All you need is to log in.

Originality: Using Netflix, you will be guaranteed of original series and documentaries. There are no restrictions on the number of shows you can watch, it is unlimited.

Offline downloads: This is one benefit that Netflix has over other streaming providers. If you do not have time to watch your shows at the moment, you can download and save to watch later.

No interruption: You can watch your movies without having any disturbance from commercials or advertisements. Unlike traditional television where your videos are always interrupted with ads.

Account Sharing: You can share your Netflix with up to five people by creating different profiles. Doing this, you can watch whatever show you want while your friend or family you have shared with can watch theirs too.

Membership plans: When you sign up to get a free account of Netflix and it ends, you can opt for a premium plan. Netflix offers three different plans for its subscribers to choose from. You can choose a plan of your choice. Even at that, you can always decide to upgrade or downgrade whatever plans you choose whenever you want.

Features of Netflix

Netflix has so many features, and some of them are:

History: You can delete whatever you watch from your viewing history if you do not want people to find out. This feature is under the Account menu.

Access: You can check information about your account to see whoever has used it recently and with what device. If there is a breach or unrecognized access, you can remove them.

Ratings: You can improve recommendations by rating whatever show or movie you have seen. You can vote whether you love or hate a movie.

Data saving: You can lower the quality of the show you are watching to save data.

Browsers flexibility: You can use Netflix on any browser depending on which resolution you want. However, the best web browser to use with Netflix is Microsoft edge.

Subtitle customization: You can change the appearance of your subtitles to suit yourself. You can customize the font, color, effects, and size.

Movie requests: You can always request a film when you use Netflix.

Temporarily closure: Finally, if after using Netflix free, you decide to remove the subscription. Your activity log will be saved for 10 months. You can shut down your account temporarily and come back to it later. If you need to get serious with school or whatever reasons you might have, this is a good feature you can take advantage of.

Prices of Netflix subscription

You have to upgrade your subscription once your 30 days Netflix free ends. As I have said earlier in this post, there are three plans. The first is the basic which is $7.99 each month and then we have the Standard which is $9.99 every month. The last and final subscription is the premium and it is $11.99 per month. The prices for the three vary because you won’t enjoy equal services using them. You can read more about the pricing to decide the best choice for you.

How to get a Netflix account for free

To sign up for Netflix free, you will need either a credit card, Netflix gift code, debit card or a PayPal account. First, you go to their website ( Enter your email address and click on try it now.  The next interface will ask you to choose your plan. Choose one and proceed. Once you have done that, click continue.  Enter an email address and then a payment plan.

You can now log into your Netflix free account to start streaming videos. Also do not forget to cancel your subscription before one month expires if you do not want to be billed.


The main aim of this post is to explain how to get Netflix free for those that are finding that difficult. Since your first month is free, you can now watch your favorite shows and movies anytime and anywhere you want.


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