10 Best Free Notification Apps for Android

Common notification alerts on background mobile activity can invariably enhance overall user experience. Notification apps for Android phone give its users useful information about on-going mobile activities, new events, and general app information.

Notification apps for android

These apps notify you of new messages whether from formal or informal places, voice calls, low battery alerts, and malicious software too. They are very user-friendly apps, with simple and easy to understand app interface. In today’s article, we have 10 notification apps for Android that will improve your Android user experience and notification alerts.

Top 10 Best Notification Apps for Android

  1. Heads-Up

Notification app-Heads-Up Notification App

Get quick heads-up whenever you receive a new message or set a reminder on your android device. Heads-up notification app displays the new notification on your mobile device as a floating popup in a complete text format with quick actions to follow. This notification app gives you full control of your mobile device. Also, once you install it on your device, it becomes a general information center giving you alerts on any and every on-going mobile activity. Get Heads-up for your Android device now.

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  1. DynamicNotifications

notification apps-DynamicNotifications

Dynamic in it’s way and mode of operation, this app contains features that make it a standout from other notification apps list today. It has amazing features like the meeting mode. When you activate it, it ceases all mobile notification alerts. Alerts like phone vibrations and screen lighting in the case of voice calls and new messages will stop. You can also optimize and manage selected mobile apps on your device, from which you like to get notifications. Finally, this app also features night mode functions that automatically ceases all notification alerts at night. Dynamic right! get yours now.

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  1. Notific: Lock Screen Notification App

notification apps-Notific: Lock Screen Notification App

Notific is a lock screen notification app that displays a notification in a unique and intuitive manner. It automatically turns the screen on to display notifications.  This app is triggered by ongoing mobile activities and contains 3 in-built themes along with quick actions buttons for displayed of on-screen notifications. Also, Notific does not impact battery life as it will only use your proximity sensor for about 10 seconds.

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  1. AcDisplay: Notification App

notification apps-AcDisplay: Notification App

The unique thing about this notification app is the beautiful and minimal way it displays new notifications on the lock screen and lets you open them directly. Also, this app uses device sensors to keep your device awake or inactive depending on the battery life. In addition, it has many other features like a dynamic background. Others are blacklist options and low-priority notification actions and many more.

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  1. LED blinker Notifications Lite

LED blinker Notifications Lite – Manage Your Lights

Led blinker is an active notification app that displays concurrent notifications like SMS, missed calls and even new email messages on your mobile device. In addition, you can customize individual settings like vibration and rate, sounds and repeat alerts. Furthermore, it has other features like silent mode for all alert.

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  1. Smart Notify

Smart Notify

Smart notify is a special app. It has an array of smart features. Like automatic speech support for both cars and mobile phones, an advanced SMS and call manager with reminders for SMS, calls, events and mobile app platforms. Furthermore, this app supports smartwatches and can display incoming multi-media messages, pending calls and new messages. Get this smart notification app for Android now.

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  1. FrontFlash Notification App

FrontFlash Notification App

Different notification apps have different ways of notifications. FrontFlash notifies users with single or double blinking light alert. Also, you can customize blinking frequency whenever you want. This app has blacklist features that can help avoid distracting or annoying notifications from certain mobile app platforms. In addition, this app has little or no impact on battery life and is user-friendly.

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  1. Notin –Notes in Notifications

Notin –Notes in Notification

One simple way to save notes or reminders as a notification is using a note in the notification app. Download this app and never forget little things on your schedule anymore. As this app will constantly remind you and help you to save little reminders of your routine every day. Also, it is has beautiful and easy to use app interface. Finally, I’m pleased to tell you this app doesn’t have any complex features.

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  1. Flash Alerts 2: Android Notification App

Flash Alerts 2: Notification App

Flash alert notification apps for Android are more exciting and interesting to use. A flash alert seems somewhat stylish and preferable to users every time they get a new notification. This is basically the reason behind the development of this app. Similarly, this app allows the back led flashlight to blink when you receive a call or get a new text message. You can also regulate blinking frequency for your new notifications. In addition, options to set flash alert timer is available.

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  1. Notifix – Content Aware Notification Management


Finally, Notflix is another lock screen manager that uses app type and processes, to automatically group notification into their respective categories for display. Furthermore, this app is an intuitive lock screen notification app. It automatically displays on-screen notifications on mobile devices. Finally, it is fully functional and completely compatible with Android devices.

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Although, the Android notification system has greatly improved over the last few years. But, it still lacks proper organization of notification types. However, thanks to Android’s open nature third-party application like these apps, can also help to enhance notification functions. Finally, these notification apps for Android are smart, user- friendly and fully compatible with all Android devices worldwide. Get your own today.

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