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10 Best Object Remover App (Android And iPhone)

In case you don’t know much about any object remover app for Android or iPhone devices, we are going to list some free app to remove unwanted objects from photos. object removal app

Sometimes, when we edit our pictures we will love to get rid of unwanted photo objects. But, I’m not surprised that most of the general public are not aware they can actually get rid of unwanted objects from their photos to give their photos that perfect touch. Sometimes, it absolutely necessary to get rid of unwanted picture objects. Therefore, the following apps can do just that.

  1. Easy Eraser

Easy Eraser

This object remover app is a good eraser app for iPhone, that can easily make objects disappear whenever and where you want like they were never there. It is very easy to use. With the easy eraser, you just simply erase an item by simply painting them. Use this app to remove unwanted objects from your photos. Download Easy Eraser from Apple Store.

  1. Remove Object from Photo

Remove Object from Photo

This photo eraser app contains majorly all the tools you need to perfectly remove unwanted content from your photos and give them that perfect touch. All you need to do is to just draw on the unwanted content to remove it completely. If you only want to remove a part of the object you can use the segment remover feature to carry out this task. It is a very easy and free object remover app for Android to use and it’s also very effective in carrying out the task. Download this app for Android now.

  1. Retouch


If you’re looking to remove pimples and skin blemishes and physical objects like stoplights, signposts? This app is a good tool for you. With this app, you can also remove items like telephone wires, powerlines, surface breaks and scratches. You can remove absolutely anything you feel like removing to give your picture that perfect touch.
Download Retouch now.

  1. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is a great photo editing tool. An excellent repair tool for the removing of unwanted things in a photo. It also contains a clone stamp feature that allows you to copy certain areas of your photo and move them to a different area. Pixelmator is a recommended object remover app for graphic designers and photo editors. Available exclusively to iOS users. Download Pixelmator.

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  1. Photo Retouch – Object remover app for iOS

Photo Retouch

With Photo Retouch, you make an unwanted object disappear like they were never there. You can simply erase items by painting them whole and clicking the touch run erase button. It is very easy to use, as you can now make fun and unique photos easily for your social online platforms. Photo retouch is probably one of the best apps to remove unwanted objects from photos free. Available on the iOS platform now.

  1. Touch Retouch eraser

Touch Retouch eraser

This is a photo remover tool and an object remover app that completely removes an unwanted object from pictures. Object items like powerlines, signpost, scratches and surface cracks. This app can also remove pimples and skin blemishes on selfie pictures.
You can try this app for free.

  1. TouchRetouch


Available to both Android and iOS users. Touch Retouch is an object remover app that lets you remove multiple objects from an image. It’s very easy to use. Simply brush over the areas, then Tap the Go button. It also includes quick repair features that let you make small, fast repairs one at a time. Unique features like clone stamp, that lets you select a part of your image and brushes it over another area.
Get this app for both Android and iOS platforms.

  1. Remove Object

Remove Object

This Photo eraser allows you to erase unwanted content you don’t want in your photo or object which blocks the best parts of your image. You might be generally into content editing this is a great tool for you. As you can design and edit photo uniquely to your favourite taste and remove unwanted photo contents completely from the photo background. Get this app from PlayStore.

  1. Image Inpainting – Object remover app

Image Inpainting

You can create a custom picture by cutting people, animals, and whatever object you don’t want in your photo and paste it in another photo. This object remover app is easy to use and you can remove useless content quickly with it. It is an efficient tool for removing unwanted objects from pictures. Get this app from Play Store if you are using Android OS.

  1. Photo Retouch

Photo Retouch

Photo Retouch is a great app for removing unwanted people and unwanted objects from photos. You can use this app to clean your favourite shot. Cool object remover features like remove object photo and Clone object are also included.
Get this app from Play Store for free.

In Conclusion, As a graphic designer or graphics editor, the object remove app list on this page are best for photo editing functions, as well as unique ways to create photos. Remove unwanted objects, and contents from your photo easily, quickly and accurately with the above-listed apps.

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