Online Schools: Edtech’s Ongoing Digital Transformation

Online learning is the method of learning that is currently gaining momentum among schools worldwide. The education sector is currently undergoing reform and digital transformation. This transformation has developed and created its own industry which is now known as Edtech. The education sector is undergoing different levels of digital transformation.

E-learning has taken over from the traditional way of learning and it has proven to be as effective as any other learning method. Many people are still having problems dealing with Edtech and how it will forever change learning as we know. Edtech has great benefits and will introduce learners to broad range of opportunities. This post is going to teach you all you need to know about the ongoing digital transformation in the education sector.

What is Edtech?

Edtech is short for educational technology and it refers to the use of technology in classroom learning. Edtech involves the use of technology to enhance learning in the classroom. It also involves the use of various tools to introduce technology to education methods. This might range from using digital whiteboard to overhead projectors and then to online learning.

The main purpose of Edtech is to incorporate ideas that will welcome educational methods into the 21st century. It sees to the advancement of education and making the process of learning more effective. This is what it means to introduce digital transformation into education. Before it can be successful, the school needs to make huge sacrifices and investments. This is because Edtech revolution is more than what a single person can handle alone.

Why Edtech’s Ongoing Digital Transformation is Necessary

Some of the digital transformation that the education sector has experienced over the years is the replacement of chalkboards by whiteboards, books being replaced by computers and many more. These are some of the transformation, the ongoing transformation is promising to be more effective than the previous ones. It has only one aim and that is to ensure the academic excellence of students. Here are some reasons why the ongoing digital transformation is important:

Online learning

This is the major digital transformation that schools worldwide are currently experiencing. E-learning aims to eliminate every type of physical connection between students and their teachers. It is a type of learning that takes classes to the internet. Teachers and students can connect remotely, learn and pass information among themselves. This kind of learning was common among higher institution students. However, the corona issue made online learning a method every school in the world had to turn to. It has proven to be an effective and efficient method of learning. The only drawback it has is that it takes away physical connection from learning.

Development of skills

No matter what some people might think, technology is not going anywhere, it is here to stay. Whether you are making research or you want a job, it has become one of the most basic requirements. Edtech through online learning will introduce children to skills that will be useful to them in the outside world. It is always a great thing when children are exposed to beneficial things at a younger age. This makes it quite hard for them to lose that memory. The use of technology in education will introduce students to every tech skill that will be required of them later in life.


This is yet another reason why the ongoing digital transformation is mostly beneficial. Giving students up to date lessons and assessment are two wonderful factors to ensure academic success. Technology provides teachers with the tools they need to know their student performances. You can give them quizzes or test just to know if they are really understanding the things you are teaching. E-learning has hundreds of features that makes this possible. Digital transformation introduces teachers to a broad range of ideas on dealing with learners.

Availability of resources

Edtech gives teachers a range of educational resources to choose from when teaching. Students do not have to concern themselves about unlimited materials. There are hundreds of updated resources they can access to teach their classes online.

Ed-tech: Setbacks of the Digital Transformation


This is the first set back that might be the consequences of digital transformation in education. Every student will not be able to afford learning with the use of modern technology. To make this transformation possible and effective, schools need to provide every device or materials for their students. If this cannot be possible, teachers will have to stick to using technology to teach the class rather than one-on-one learning.


No matter how beneficial Edtech is to students, we should not forget that there are certain distractions that might abound. This can affect the learning process of students. When learning online, it is possible for them to wander off and check their social platforms. If teachers can find a way to attract their attention and make them use their devices rightly, there should be no problems.

Physical interaction

The main thing online learning is elimination from teaching is the face to face teaching in traditional way of learning. Students will not be able to communicate with themselves or their teachers physically. There is every chance that this might affect them socially. To work on this and make it easier, teacher should make their students work in team so that they can reach out after every class session.  Even though, they will not see face to face, it will help them build a relationship outside class.


In summary, the online school ongoing digital transformation seeks to improve the quality of education students receive. It will help in equipping them with necessary tech skills and also help them pursue academic excellence.

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