Onpay Demo, Pricing, Features and General Review


What is Onpay Demo?
Onpay is a payroll software that is useful for small businesses. This software handles Human resource tasks, employment taxes, and runs payroll. It is an easy to use software that provides scalable solution to small sized businesses. With this application, you can run payroll quickly and effectively. All it requires is inputting bonuses, tips, hours, and reimbursements. Onpay is web-based software that you can access irrespective of where you are and with any internet connected device.

For you to decide whether Onpay is adequate for your business, you need to get the demo first without paying a dime. When using the demo, you will be able to streamline payroll processes, payment workflow, and file tax automatically. All these can be done easily and without any much more. Even when the demo is over, Onpay is quite affordable and you will have to pay to access its unlimited services. This post will educate you on things you need to know about Onpay software.

Pricing of Onpay

Onpay Demo lasts for a month, after which you will be expected to choose one of their pricing plan. During this demo period, you can explore the software and use it to your satisfaction. This is when you get to decide whether the software will satisfy your needs or not. The starting fee for this online payroll is at $36 per month. To add users to the software cost $4 per months. What this means is that the total charge you pay every month depends solely on the number of employees that are active.

There is a calculator on the website which Onpay uses to calculate the monthly amount you will have to pay. Once your Onpay demo is over, you need to choose a subscription plan to continue accessing their services. You get access to all of their services when you subscribe. These services include Payroll features, employee management, payroll compliance, and HR products. You can always check for more information about their pricing,

Features of Onpay Demo

When you start your Onpay Demo without paying, you get basic features for free. You will be able to know how it works and if it will help in sustaining your business payroll management. The two features you also get for free are:

  • Migration of employees
  • Wage data

Once your Onpay Demo ends, you will have to pay to continue using the software. These will give you access to every feature the software has. Some of these features include:

  • Automatic New Hire Reporting
  • Automated tax filings
  • Automated tax payments
  • Benefits and HR in 50 states
  • Certified payroll professionals
  • Custom payroll reports
  • Digital paystubs
  • Error-free guarantee
  • Export payroll data
  • Employee self-onboarding
  • Free data migration and setup
  • Full-service Payroll
  • Free phone, chat, email support
  • Mobile friendly
  • No charge for cancellations
  • Online employee portal
  • Pay-as-you-go workers’ comp
  • Tax accuracy guarantee
  • Tax filings for non-profits and clergy
  • Unlimited pay runs

Benefits of Onpay

Payroll management is very important in keeping your business running. Onpay is a great software that provides users with excellent services. There are numerous features and tools on the software that can help simplify your payroll process. Onpay has a feature that allows unlimited pay runs. You can run your business payroll inn whatever arrangement you deem fit without having to pay extra charges. Onpay allow you to make correct or cancel a pay run. Whatever information your employee input is usually saved in a vault to avoid excess time consuming data entry.

Another best thing about Onpay is that its friendly user interface makes it very easy to use and understood. Before subscribing for Onpay, you can always take advantage of the Onpay Demo for thirty days without paying a dime. Once the demo period is over, you have to choose one of their affordable subscription plans. The software will also accommodate your business as it grows allowing you to only pay for features you need.

Finally, Onpay has a great employee management system. The online access and employee self on-boarding feature will allow them to be able to input sensitive information, make certain changes, and access their tax forms and paystubs. This helps you as a business owner to focus on tasks that are higher. To begin using the software, you can go to their official website to begin with the Onpay Demo.

General Review of Onpay

There are so many reviews about using Onpay by customers. They have been praised for their user friendly interface which makes it easy to get familiar with the software. Then the performance of the software as a whole has been unmatchable by most payroll software. Below are some of the reviews from Onpay’s website.

“I really like OnPay as a payroll solution. It is fast. It’s great to run payroll in 5 minutes. It has the automatic integration with QuickBooks. It has great support.”

“The fact that it takes care of taxes makes the price very affordable.”

“Onpay provides an easy to use payroll service but provides the first 10 users for free, which is half the cost of Gusto when you take that into account. Full tax filing is included and it’s quite a bit cheaper than QuickBooks. It also integrates with popular accounting tools like Xero or QuickBooks.”

Above are some of the reviews by users. They complimented the functionalities that Onpay provides for its users.

Onpay Demo: Conclusion

In summary, Onpay is a software that helps small and medium sized business simplify their payroll. As a new user, you can use Onpay Demo free for the first 30 days to know more about the software. Since it is a web based software, you can access it anywhere and on any device as long as you have internet connection.

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