how to open a bank account online

How to open a bank account online

Opening a bank account in the recent past used to be an uphill task. You had to visit the bank at least twice. First, to pick the account opening form which gives you a whole list of almost impossible tasks to carry out. Next, you were required to go back with the documents to begin the account opening process. This process usually took about two weeks before the account is put in play. There is also another a need to wait another week to be able to collect and start using your ATM card.

It is all in the past now, you can now open a bank account in any bank of your choice here in the country at your comfort from any internet enabled device. if you wish to learn how to open a bank account online and banks that offer these service, keep reading.

Banks That offer Online Account Opening Services

There are many banks in the country, but not all of this banks offer you this services to open a bank account online. Below are the list of banks that offer them.

Stanbic IBTC

Stanbic IBTC bank offers an instant account. if you wish to open one today with this bank, go to this page for the procedure on how  to open one.

Guaranty Trust bank (GTB)

Guarantee trust bank also offers an instant account through many ways. by mobile banking and by internet banking. If you wish to learn more about its internet banking, check here: How to Use the GTBank Internet Banking Service. Another way is to visit to open an account today. open a bank account online

First Bank instant account

Firstbank also offers the opening of an account online. this account only requires a minimum balance of 500 naira. Visit the page

Zenith Bank account opening online

You can also open an account with zenith bank today, but you will have to visit the bank to activate the account. All you need do is to visit the page to get started. Open an Account Online Zenith Bank

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FCMB instant bank account

FCMB also offers the services of opening accounts online, all you need is to visit

Skye Bank online account

Skyebank also offers instant account services. All you have to do is to visit the page, open a bank account online skye bank

Requirements for opening a Bank Account Online

  • A passport photograph
  • Copies of accepted means of identification (driving license, Permanent voters card, national identity card etc)
  • A copy of  any utility bill (such as electricity bill)
  • Copies of business documents (for a business account)
  • Copies of references from current account holders (if you wish to open a current account.
  • A copy of residents permit for non-residents in the country

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A point to note when Opening A Bank Account

Not all instant accounts require this documents. banks such as GTB offers you an instant account without such documentations. if you wish to open a domiciliary account also visit this page to learn more about such accounts.

Another point to note is that instant accounts do have limitations, you can only make a one time maximum deposit of 50,000 naira and maximum total deposit of 300,000 naira when using this account. If you wish to upgrade this account, you will then have to visit the bank with some documents to do so.


There are so many packages associated with the internet. The different banks offer juicy and awesome packages quite unique to them individually, why not discover the one that works best for you and start banking today. You may also check here If you wish also to learn how to open a US bank account.

If you have suggestions and questions, please place a comment below, I would be happy to help.

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