how to open a Bank of America account

How to Open A Bank of America Account

Today, having a bank account is a must if you want to enjoy the ease of doing your business or quick access to your savings. Whether you live in America or in other parts of the world, learning how to open a Bank of America account will not hurt you. In addition, you know that Bank of America is a global bank and one of the best in the world. Also, you must consider security and safety issues too when choosing your banker. That is why opening an account in the bank of America, with its history of over 200 years of service to its customers, is a good move.

how to open a Bank of America account

How to Open A Bank of America Account: Step by Step Guide

In this post, I am going to show you how to open a Bank of America account. We will cover the following areas.

  • History of Bank of America
  • how to choose the type of accounts you should open
  • provide necessary document and Information
  • fill out the application the bank will give to you
  • Make a deposit into the new Account

1. History of Bank of America

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Bank of America has over 200 years of history of creating wealth for its owners and unsurpassed service to its customers globally. They are world-class leaders in the management of wealth, corporate and investment banking and also trade across a broad range of asset classes, serving corporations, governments, institutions and individuals around the world. It also operates in over 35 countries and 50 states in the US.

Having this kind is history, is enough attraction for you to learn how to open a Bank of America account. In addition, they are insured by FDIC to guarantee your savings. So, you may wish to open an account with them today. To learn more read about us.

Let us begin the tutorial to show you how to open a Bank of America account, from here.

2. How to Choose the Type of Accounts You Should Open

Knowing about the types of accounts available is the first step you must take to learn how to open a bank of America account.  Doing that will enable you to choose the best type of accounts you want.

Furthermore, allow me to state here, that the bank of America has three types of checking account and one savings account. So, let us explore the three accounts.

Checking Account

Bank of America Checking account is for individuals who have low balances in their account and do not require checks due to the charge of a monthly fee. So, if you do not want to pay these charges don’t open a checking account.

Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking

This account is the basic checking account and can receive direct deposit. Furthermore, you have four ways to evade paying a monthly fee. Similarly, this account gives you the benefit of using an overdraft to cover days you wish to withdraw money and you don’t have enough cash in the account. Also, please note that the bank will give you a paper check and charge a fee for it.

Bank of America Advantage Relationship Banking

This account is for individuals that keep big balances in their account. They are entitled to earn interest on the high deposit in the account.

Savings Account

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Bank of America calls their savings account “Rewards Savings”. In this account, you can earn interest but it is low with a high monthly fee. However, you have many ways you can get the bank to waive this fee.

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3. Provide Necessary Document and Information

For the bank to open the type of account you want, you must know what to bring to open a bank account. For instance, the bank will need some information about you to open the account for you. Supply the following information below.

They are; your Social Security number or Tax Identification Number, Current home address, and Email address. Also, they want to know how you will fund your account. For example, by transferring money from an account number or debit card number for an existing checking account, cash or check.

Furthermore, if you want to open a joint account with your spouse, make sure you provide the same documents and the information we listed above to open your account.

Next, you must bring a form of identification the bank accepts if you wish to open an account inside the bank. Though, this rule does not apply if you open the account online. Also, the requirements are two forms of ID, which can include a driver’s license, passport, Social Security card or state ID.

4. Fill the Application the Bank Will Give to You

You either fill out the application at the nearest branch office to you or go online through the Bank of America’s website using a computer or a mobile phone.

You should also make sure you have all the necessary documents and information before you start filling out your application online. Therefore, if you don’t have some of the document we listed earlier, please go to the nearest Bank of America branch to speak to their officials.

5. Make a Deposit into the New Account

The last thing to do once you open the account either through the Bank of America branch office or website online is to make a deposit into your new account.

By now you already know how to open a bank of America account. You can use the following ways to fund your account. You can transfer money from an account number or debit card number for an existing checking account. Furthermore, you can also use cash or check to make a deposit to your account.

In addition, make sure you make a deposit into the account the bank opened for you. Deposit money to that account number they give to you. This is the only way you can be sure the money will enter the right account.


This article showed you how to open a bank of America account. Also, we showed you the three types of accounts available, so that you can choose the best one for your use. So, just follow the simple steps in this post and you should be able to open your account without any problems.

Have you opened an account with the Bank of America or any other Bank? Share your experience with us.


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