How to work on Open Office presentation on PC

The Open Office presentation is an open-source office productivity software suite used for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases, and more. The software is available in many languages. It works well on all common computers, all of which are meant to assist a user on how to work with the application on a PC.

It stores data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. A user can download the software and use it completely free of charge for all purposes.

The software is comprised of a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet (Calc), a presentation application (Impress), a drawing application (Draw), a formula editor (Math), and a database management application (Base).

After a careful study of this project, you will be able to work on the Open Office presentation on your own.

Steps on how to work on an Open Office Presentation:

First Step

After opening the Open Office Presentation software, click on the “Normal” view. On the title page of the first part, insert a title for the presentation by clicking on the upper text field. “Insert title by clicking” and insert the text e.g, “Introduction to my World“. Click on the lower text field, and write another text, e.g “My way of Life“.

How to work on Open Office presentation- Introduction
Figure 1

Second Step:

The next step is to add a new page to your Open Office presentation. To do that, Insert > Slide and a new empty slide will be added. Select a layout with Title, graphic, and bullet text, then use this selection immediately for your new page on your Open Office presentation before you insert the text from the first page.

At the bottom left, insert a graphic then double click on this part. Choose the image you want to insert in the next dialogue and then click Open.

Inserting files on Open Office presentation
Figure 2

Third Step:

Use the lower right half for a bulleted list on your Open Office presentation: a free office suite, file exchange with other office suites, and platform-independent (Windows, Linux, macOS, and Solaris).

Click on the inserted text from your list and change the font size with the Line and Filling bar to 28. Afterward, right-click the selected text to call the context-menu for further editing on your presentation.

How to change font size on Open Office presentation
Figure 3

Select “Text”. On this tab, you can edit the text on the right.

Fourth Step:

The result from the previous be should be as follows:

 Choose your slide
Figure 4

Step Five:

With your Open Office presentation, you have worked in the Normal view of Impress. So, now choose the second tab on the left-hand side (“Outline”). You can now see all the slides with the texts:

Review all slides
Figure 5

On your Open Office presentation, check the contents of your slides using this view, then inset new outline levels, and distribute contents on different slides, if needed. The user will see a display of the result of his changes with a short delay in the slides pane on the left.

Choose the first row of the second slide and replace the text with another heading. At the end of the last row, click Return and insert a sub-heading of your choice, then on your second slide, a new point appears.

Using your mouse, place the pointer behind the title of your second slide and press the Return key. The Open Office presentation will display a new slide (number 3) and the bullet points then move to slide 3. You can make changes with the Backspace key. The bullet points are back on slide 2.

Repeat the creation of a new slide on the Open Office presentation but now, press the Tab key instead of the Return key and the new slide disappears. You will find just one point at the beginning of the second slide. The clicking of the Backspace key deletes this point.


To operate the Open Office presentation software on your PC, it is quite important that you already know how to operate a computer and an operating system eg. Windows ®, Linux with the graphical environment (X11). There are more exhaustive works that can be done with the software, therefore, if you need more guidance on the use of the software, these guides “Getting Started-Guides“ or “First Steps in Writer“, might come in handy.


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