Top 5 Best Open Source Operating System

You may be wondering what options you have if you decide to use another program apart from Windows or the Mac Operating system, well there are many operating systems your computer can run on. You can rely on an open source operating system. So, what is an open source operating system? It simply means an operating system that is free for users and developers to use, and modify as they see fit. Furthermore, the program’s source code is open and also works as a substitute for the Mac and Windows operating systems.

Best Open Source Operating System

In this post, we shall list the top 5 best open source operating system that can easily substitute for a Windows or Mac operating system. They are as follows in no particular order Ubuntu, Linux Lite, Xubuntu, Fedora, and ReactOS. Let us quickly analyze them now.

Top 5 Best Open Source Operating System

What does open source program Mean?

An Open source system program is a program which its Developers make the source code open to the public to use and to modify as they see fit. For instance, Developers may see something wrong or a better way for the program to perform a task and go ahead and write a program to create that change. Now that we know what an open source operating system is, let us take popular examples that we have in this list one after the other.


open source operating systems-Ubuntu


Ubuntu is an open source operating system made from Linux  It is one of the most robust operating systems out of many that are available today. It has important software such as a web browser, office suite, instant messenger, media maps, etc.

This operating system can function like Windows or Mac. It was made by intelligent developers who cooperated all over the world. The developers built two stages where you can use Ubuntu. The first one is called the Long-term Support which has a steady version of 17.04 (i.e.17 is the year and 04 is the month). While the second one is called Non-long-term support with a steady version as 16.04.

The developers use free software fully to run Ubuntu. Furthermore, it is user-friendly and you can use it for both laptop and desktop computers. You can also run many old applications such as Open Office and Thunderbird using this software. In addition, Ubuntu runs on any hardware that accepts the Linux operating system.

Linux Lite

open source operating systems-Linux lite

This system works on an open source operating system with cheap hardware but the CPU cannot do fast-paced work. Also, it is like buying low-performance care when you compare it to powerful cars that cost a lot. Even if you have little knowledge of Linux operating systems, you can use it easily. Furthermore, the operating system is steady and has been working for over five years with consistent updates.

You do not need other drivers for Linux lite to work. In addition, it has all the tools and essential programs, that you can use to work in a simple user interface. This operating system is plug and play. Go for it if you want a lite operating system.

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open source operating systems-Xubuntu

Xubuntu is popular especially if you use Microsoft XP operating systems. It works in free open source environment for Unix on Desktop Computers. You also can play a video with it although the operating system is slow.

It is not exactly like Ubuntu but it can match any other open source operating system. The system has a GUI Network object model environment (GNOME).  Xubuntu can mimic any Windows operating system user interface any day. Try it.



Fedora is the next best open source operating system next to Ubuntu. It is popular because it runs on a Linux operating system. You can use this operating system for all types of task you can think of.

The system has a GUI Network object model environment (GNOME) Desktop, which you can modify to carry out different spins other than its default that you package it with.

Fedora Project Community developed Fedora with the support of Red Hat Incorporated, a company who focuses on distributing open source Linux based operating software. Also, Fedora operating system runs on revolution per minute.

Furthermore, the aim of the developers of Fedora is to give free advanced technology to all. Fedora Developers make wide-ranging updates which they make available to benefit all distributors of the Linux operating system, and not just to solve bugs for Fedora operating system alone.



ReactOS is an open source operating system example that has won the heart of a lot of users’ all over the world. As at date, many users have downloaded this software for more than 1 million times in over 99 countries.

This public open source system software can run many Windows applications. Of course, this makes it a close substitute for Microsoft Windows. In addition, it is new and still evolving and users like to modify the operating system to their taste and continue to adopt it. Hence, as a quick alternative to Windows and Mac, it is matchless. Go for it.


In this list, we have compiled some of the best open source operating system that you can find as at today. They are rugged, flexible and powerful and can match the Windows and Mac operating system any day. Go on and use them and let us know what you think. Please share this article on social media.


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