Overview of AutoDesk Software for Schools

AutoDesk is a corporation that is popularly known for creating software for people who create and build things. They have lots of software that can be used in the engineering, construction, and entertainment industries. AutoDesk creations are everywhere you turn and you have experienced them without even knowing. Their software is useful in creating and building powerful projects. Just as professionals can use AutoDesk, students can also use it. Autodesk Education provides a platform where students and educators can use the software for free.

What is AutoDesk?

Autodesk is an American software company that was founded in 1982 by John Walker. They create software for engineers, architects, constructors, and entertainers. The headquarters of the company is located in San Rafael but they have numerous offices globally. Autodesk software has been useful in many industries and to build numerous projects over the years. World Trade Center and the Tesla electric car are examples of Autodesk projects.

AutoCAD is a software by AutoDesk that is popular among engineers and architects. Autodesk Maya and 3Ds Max are useful in Media and entertainment industries. They both help with designing visual effects, color grading, games, and animation. They have been of help in creating many of the animation films you see today. Maya is a great software that animation studios like Framestore, Moving Picture Company, and Blue Sky Studios use. It has been used to create graphics for films like Frozen, Finding Nemo, Avatar, Rango, Monsters, The Matrix, Spider-Man, and The Girl with the dragon tattoo.

Fusion 360, AutoDesk Inventor, and AutoDesk Product Design Suite are software that is useful in the manufacturing sector. They all use a digital model to visualize real-life projects. Autodesk Revit is also a building information modeling software that helps its users to plan and construct their building.

Qualifications of AutoDesk Software for Education

AutoDesk provides an educational license to their software to specific institutions for free. The schools eligible for this free version of AutoDesk are in certain regions and expected to meet certain standards. Any qualified educational institution has to be accredited by the government within its provincial or state. The primary purpose of AutoDesk Education is to teach students. It will be useful to both educators and learners for effective learning, teaching, doing research, and training.

Which schools are qualified for AutoDesk Education?

Below are examples of educational institutions that can be eligible for AutoDesk software:

  • Middle schools
  • High schools
  • Junior colleges
  • Universities and technical schools
  • Nationally recognized homeschooling programs

Which schools are not qualified for AutoDesk Education?

The following are not qualified and eligible to get AutoDesk educational benefits

  • Non-accredited educational institutions
  • Libraries, churches, and hospitals
  • Training programs or centers
  • Research laboratories

How to have access to AutoDesk for schools

If you are a member of an eligible school either as a student or an educator, you can have access to the AutoDesk software. You can create an account to have free access to the AutoDesk software for free as long as you remain eligible.

The first step you need to do is to create an Autodesk account, then complete your profile and then confirm your enrolment to your school. To proceed, do the following:

  1. The first thing you need to check is your eligibility status for AutoDesk Educational products.
  2. If you have confirmed your eligibility, you can now navigate to the AutoDesk free Education software.
  3. Now, choose the software you want to download from the range of software available.
  4. Once you are on the download page, click Crete account. Follow the instructions after that to confirm your eligibility and create an AutoDesk account. You will have to provide the necessary documentation to prove your employment or enrollment at the institutions. You can check here for more information.
  5. Finally, if you are done with all the steps above, you can now go back to the AutoDesk Education Community to access the software of your choice.

AutoDesk renders free services to students free for four years. After downloading the AutoDesk software, you will need to be renewing your eligible status yearly.

AutoDesk system requirements

Every software has its own software and hardware requirements. So before you proceed to get any AutoDesk software, you need to make sure your computer meets all of its requirements. If your system is eligible, you can proceed to get the software. You can check for the system requirements of AutoDesk software.


In summary, AutoDesk is a great and powerful software for schools. They give free access to students, educators, and also schools. They will be able to learn also and master their tools and resources which will help them in their chosen fields.

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