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PayPal Customer Service: Number, Email & Live Chat

Paypal customer service
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PayPal Customer Service Number, Email And Full Contacts.

PayPal Company was formerly known as Confinity in year 1998 and later called “PayPal” in 2001. The principal owners of this great establishment are: Ken Howery, Max Levchin, Luke Nosek, Elon Musk, and Peter Thiel. The company CEO and Chairman are Dan Schulman and John Donahoe respectively. It has its headquarters in 2211 North First Street, San Jose, California, United States. Paypal customer service

PayPal Company is an American company that is exclusively known for its online payments system worldwide. It deals with products payments systems and credit cards, having the following as its subsidiaries

  • Paydiant
  • Paypal Credit
  • io
  • Xoom Corporation
  • Braintree
  • Venmo
  • Tio Networks

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These various subsidiaries offer different services which shall be stated quickly.

PayPal Services.

  • Online money transfer
  • Payment processor for online vendors, commercial users and auction sites.
  • Receive funds electronically
  • Purchase goods online
  • Online money donations to the desired person, group or community
  • Sell goods and services to large market without personal contact
  • Mass payment availability
  • Bills payment

This company remains an outstanding organization and one of the largest online payment processors all around the globe. It could be considered as the safest way in embarking on online shopping judging from some of its advantages as enumerated below.

Advantages of Using PayPal.

  1. Flexibility: it allows multiple bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards in funding your PayPal account. This gives lots of assurance of not having your credit card declined when trying to purchase goods and services because PayPal will fund your order using any of the different sources automatically based on the bank account that has the stipulated amount and whose network is much fair as at the purchasing time.
  2. Use of PayPal App: this is good news for those using an iPhone. For much easier and faster deals, just visit the Apple iTunes store and search for the PayPal app. With this APP, you will be able to shop online and transfer funds in whatever location. It allows for bill payments, sending money, and fair enough, you can also review your transaction history. Scared of losing your cash in-case you misplaced your phone or stolen? Just chill! No transaction will be completed without imputing your secret personal PIN. More interesting path of the APP is that it’s not rigid on using a particular iPhone for transactions. Meaning even when you are not with your personal phone, you can quickly use a friend’s own hence the APP has been enabled, and then you just type in your account details.
  3. Cost: Cheers! PayPal is cost free. Irrespective of how many times in a day you transact or how heavy your order seems, there is absolute no charges applied. Off course, no bank can even allow such withdrawing or transferring money to people from your account without charging you. No wonder, eventually everybody took advantage of this factor by using this medium for personal and business dealings. Because you won’t be asked for processing fees, no membership fees, no service charges. All forms of customer service support are totally free.
  4. Enables Personal transactions: with this great advantage, we can say that PayPal is certainly made for everyone. You really don’t have to be a business person before you can use the service. Imagining receiving an urgent call from your child or sibling in school either local or outside the country for money. You wouldn’t need to waste your time and pay heavily for western Union money transfer charges to get money across to your loved ones. In few seconds, you can be rest assured to have completed such task.
  5. Safer means of fund handling: many have be indebted for a whole life time as they lose a huge sum of money to thieves and armed robbers while moving the fund from their homes to their place of businesses. But with PayPal, you can operate a cashless policy without fear of who is watching you. Paypal customer service number

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 PayPal Customers FAQ

Questions must definitely arise from both PayPal old users and intended customers having one or two issues to align. We compiled a list of questions you probably might be needing answers to and these are:

  • How do I create PayPal account?
  • How Do I Contact PayPal customer service?
  • How to secure your PayPal password for your account
  • How to reset your PayPal password
  • How to get PayPal PIN Number
  • How to link your bank account PayPal account you just opened
  • How to use debit cards with online payment
  • How to add a PIN to your mobile PayPal APP
  • How to change PayPal business debit/credit cards
  • How to MAKE a PayPal mass payment
  • How to refund or held payment on PayPal
  • How to resolve a billing issues on your PayPal account
  • How to issue a partial payment for goods/services
  • How to fix common error messages
  • How to cancel a PayPal payment

If any of the above stated are your plights or another kind of issue, don’t get agitated. That’s why we are here to guide you through and prevent you from getting yourself worked up. The next stage of resolving any of your issues will be to contact PayPal customer service or support.

PayPal Customer Service Telephone Numbers.

You can contact PayPal for support or enquiries through the following phone numbers: 009 1 402-935-2050 (Main Support), 8882211161 (USA based), 4029352050 (Outside USA).

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PayPal Customer Support Email.

PayPal customer service email address is meant primarily for customer complaints and you can reach them via this email address: [email protected]. Ensure you state the subject line clearly when composing your email.

Social Media:  you can also connect to PayPal service by following them on Facebook and their twitter page.

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  • Hi My name is NikolaGjoreski. I bought and paid the laser meters twice but i did not receive it. The money from my bank Chase was raised on 11-30-2018 and 12-17-2018 under the following numbers: PAYPAL*WSEDRTFG 852 and PAYPAL *NVBNLCN6603 402-935-7733 11/30 and 12/17

  • 3 weeks ago I ordered four Milestar tires MS775 touring 195/75/14 from (16348*, item # 173199119159 and haven’t received them yet. no tracking # or nothing. I cannot contact them.

  • Good afternoon arceurope and Paypal

    I am writing to you both because I received a phone call and a letter this morning from arc regarding £272.18.

    I called Paypal 0800 358 7911 at midday today to inquire as to how this is possible. I do not have a Paypal account and have not had one in the past.
    I was asked for my email address which I duly supplied, there was a wait whilst I guess it was being checked. I was told that I do not owe Paypal £272.18.

    I trust this concludes the matter.

    Paul Green.

  • Chiclila
    Details for Order #CHIC13830
    Order placed: 2019-10-28 11:50 EST
    Item SKU: SC8ROF48 ($28.58)
    Shipped to: Sara Sanchez
    This is not a scarf sweater. It’s material is polyester and it’s nothing like a sweater. I would like for you to see the
    unbelievable item sent to me. This is a deceiving company from China. I want to close
    my account immediately and want a refund. Your company wants me to dispute the seller.
    There’s no where on the papers sent along with the item on how to communicate with them.

  • I have purchased hundreds of items using PayPal. Every once in a while for no reason or fault I am unable to buy. I then go through a time wasting long process to have it restored. Once again I can not buy. My established credit is very high (check out the Credit Bureau). Please resolve this problem. I have a very hard time talking on the phone due to cancer of the voice box from a war injury.Thank you, Bob from Dayton OH ([email protected])

  • Every so often I can not long in to purchase items. At this Christmas season I have approx. $800.00 dollars of item waiting to be paid for. Every so often this happens. Why????? Bob from Dayton OH

  • please my conplines are all the refund that was make to my account by jennuary till now i have not seen them i dont no it like please can people help with an assistance thank you

  • HELP this has been going on for weeks. I cannot reach PayPal to insert new credit /debit card number as requested. You still have my old address and telephone # and cannot complete my log in . I have 2 grandsons involved in computers . -one does tutoring also. They say it on you not me to correct this ongoing fiasco.

  • Hello PayPal. I have having big problem with you.First of all I found out from Ebay that you are the ones that are have put a stop to me buying things on Ebay. Second of all you never called me why you are doing this. I even call the Banks about all my credit cards and they tell me that my credit cards are good and they also tell me that they get no information about me trying to buy stuff on Ebay. So I got ahold of Ebay and they tell me its you that is blocking my credit cards fro m me trying to buy stuff on Ebay.And I been calling your 888- number and then find out your office is closed because of this Covid Virus and then you hang up.Now I am very angery at you.And you can open my credit cards upi with removing the stop block you have on them. and here my phone number 587-338-0452. Call me !!! I want this remove on my credit cards so I can make payment on ebay that you keep block me from doing so!!

    Michael Buswell

  • April 28 2020
    Would like to EDIT information on my PayPay business debit card . Please advice how do I go bout it.
    Have triwd to call on several times and either no ams. or some other excuse.
    I have spoken to a few frien re the same situation and agin they all tell me the same. what is going on you have our money and we can no get it

    Thank You.
    George Hoffman

  • I cannot log in to my paypal account. When this first happened, I was asked to reset my user name and password. I reset my same e-mail user name and my sane password that I previously had. It worked fine and I could log in to my account.. Later, I tried to access my account, and it refused to acknowledge this user name again. What I wanted to do was to update my credit card for Discover. Discover notified me that someone had attempted to use the card, and had sent me a new card wit a different number. Paypal has become unusable for me.

    • I have stated the problem above. Just cancel my membership in paypal. It is not usable for me.

      ejejlemn above

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