Paypal sign in

Paypal: How to securely sign in

Paypal Sign in guide: Paypal is an American company involved in worldwide online payments through electronic methods. It is regarded as one of the largest internet payment platforms. Paypal began in 2002 and has since then stuck to what they are known for. the world best known electronic platform for online payments.

Paypal sign in

Many a time, signing into a Paypal account can be quite a scare, especially with regards to a lot Hackers ever ready to hack into your account. But no worries, I will teach you how to securely use your Paypal account without fear of hacking into your accounts. Do Read on to learn more. If you do not have a Paypal account and wish to do so, see How to open a PayPal account and verify it .

Paypal sign in – Safety Precautions

Always use a strong password

Make sure your Paypal password has its fair share of both upper and lowercase. Most hackers have software that carry out guessing of passwords on websites, this software works by selecting one’s username and then carryout guessing attacks until the website locks them out. Remember simple passwords are very easy to crack, so you must have a very strong password.

Secure your devices

Make sure that your antivirus, operating system and web browser is always up to date. Newer versions of these devices are carry a more secure encryption to discourage malicious hacking.

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Do not click on any mail links

Be careful never to click on any email way links, your identity may be stolen through that way. Even if you have to click, ensure to check the web address very careful, many of them have very strange address.

Some emails  you receive might  may also ask you about your personal details or such emails may say  that your account is about to be suspended. Remember Paypal will never ask you about:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Username and password
  • credit and debit numbers
  • Bank account numbers

If you receive such emails, kindly forward the entire email to

Remember: It is always safer to directly visit Paypal than to go through the links in an email.

Tools recommended by Paypal to ensure your secure sign in

Adding an extra layer of security to your Paypal account is a sure way of protecting your account. Paypal has many beautiful protection and Data encryption software to ensure you have a safe login.

Email confirmation

Paypal ensures that any time you send or receive payment, an email will be sent to you to confirm the transaction. Any transaction you do not recognize, please alert them immediately.

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Email authentication software

You can also use an email authentication software as recommended by Paypal. It protects against fraudulent emails. these software can be downloaded and installed for free through  this URL:

The Paypal Security key

The Paypal security key is a second authentication software that secures you when you are signing in. This key comes in addition to your One time password. it works by sending you an additional password via SMS apart from your other One time password. it is free to use on your mobile device. If you wish to register your mobile device go to this link.

Paypal proves to be so much better than paying with Western union, because of the added level of security. All you need do to ensure you make the best out of your papal account is to follow these easy steps.

If you do have more tips to share or any questions, kindly place a comment below.

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