10 Best PDF Editor Apps for Android And iPhone

Have you ever wondered what PDF editor apps are? Well, a PDF stands for portable document format. Also, it is a file format that you can use to create a digital document that remains consistent in diverse devices and platforms. A PDF is also more or less a different type of digital paper or document format. Organizations, firms, and different institutions have come to understand that PDF’s are the best file formats to use when it comes to creating a document for their business or organizational activities.

PDF Editor Apps

In the society and world at large, there has been an increasing need to generally manage PDF files. With the growth in the use of technology to work, there has been an increase in the need to work with PDF files and document. In this article, we will discuss 10 best PDF editor Apps for mobile users both for Android and iOS devices. With PDF editing tools, users can now easily edit and manipulate PDF files and related document.

10 Best PDF Editor Apps for Android And iPhone

  1. XODO PDF Reader

PDF Editor Apps-XODO PDF Reader

Xodo makes working with PDF’s very easy. Getting PDF related task done is easy and quick with this mobile app. This app enables users Edit, annotate, sign and share PDF’s files across multiple web platforms. It delivers fast and stable performance, supports a variety of interface modes and includes a password file protection option.

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  1. Foxit

PDF Editor Apps-Foxit

Foxit is that PDF editing app with an all in one subscription plan for users along with free tag along apps to help with various functions like adding annotations to PDF’s and more. This app is one of those PDF editor apps with powerful PDF extraction tools that can help extract multiple data from filled forms for analysis. It can also turn a PDF page into a template for new documents and many more.

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  1. PDF Expert

PDF Editor Apps-PDF Expert

Available exclusively to iOS devices, PDF Expert organizes and sync’s your PDF files for direct mobile access. Also, it has a unique user interface that focuses on documents, giving users clearer readability. Editing options like highlighting and underlining text, adding signatures and inserting multiple object or shapes are found in the default annotate view. This app is not entirely free.

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  1. PDF Element

PDF Editor Apps-PDF Element

Unlike, other PDF editor Apps, PDF element not only manage PDF files but also provides PDF conversion services. With this app, you can convert PDF document into Word, Excel, PowerPoint and 6 other formats without having to compromise the document quality. In addition, you can even create a unique digital signature for all your documents with this app. PDF element contains amazing annotation features and is readily available across all platforms. Also, take note this app is free without any in-app purchase or subscription plan.

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  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe acrobat reader

Adobe Acrobat reader is a popular PDF editing app, that is probably the most commonly used of all the apps mentioned on our list today. Furthermore, you can use this app to easily open and view PDF files, highlight and mark up text with annotation tools, quickly fill PDF related forms and many more. In addition, working with PDF files in this app is easy and very Original.

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  1. iAnnotate


This app just like its name. It is mainly used for editing or annotating functions. Functions like highlighting, underlining and even drawing on a PDF document. You can also use this app to concurrently switch between PDF documents even while they are opened. It supports iOS devices exclusively and cannot edit text and images.

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  1. PDF Reader – PDF Viewer

PDF Reader - PDF Viewer

This Android app is a PDF editing app mainly used to read PDF’s on a smartphone screen. Apart, from a clean reader interface with various features like zoom in, zoom out options. In addition, This app can also edit PDF files, it contains annotating options like text highlighting and underlining features. You can also directly type and draw on PDF files with this app.

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  1. PDF Filler: Edit, Sign and Fill PDF

PDF Filler

Manage all your PDF files, upload and import files directly from your email with this app. PDF filler also contains powerful editing tools like underlining features, signature options and text highlighting functions. You can also change font size and alignment as you wish. In addition, this app allows options like deleting of PDF pages, undoing edited pages and drawing on PDF.

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  1. GoodReader

Good reader

GoodReader, as the name connotes, is a PDF editor app that gives room for the creation, editing, and reading of PDF annotations. This app is more uniquely designed than other PDF editor apps. However, Good reader does not only support PDF’s it also supports files in other formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Similarly, it has additional options for file management features like copy, renames and moves files, included.

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  1. PDF Viewer Pro

PDF Viewer Pro

This app has a very beautiful in-app interface. It also helps you view and edit PDF documents quickly on your mobile device. you can also highlight and markup text with an in-built apple pencil. It has additional options like adding notes, text or drawing on PDF documents. Finally, with this app, users can add personal images, recorded personal audios and even brand signatures to any PDF file.

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Get one of these PDF editor apps the next time you want to open a PDF or use some amazing annotation functions on your personal or organizational document. In addition, you can do editing, adding and removing text, and easily manage PDF files with these mobile apps. Try them out now.


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