10 Best Personal Safety App For Android And iOS

Do you know that the role of a personal safety app is to help the unprotected and helpless stay safe during turbulent times?

Personal safety is a very important topic especially with the various individual activities carried out by a variety of human beings all around the world. Very bitter and brutal violent actions are been done in society on a daily basis. Not just on adults alone, but kids also suffer these disastrous events, which is heart aching to think about.

personal safety apps

With these apps, you can send alerts and text messages along with location details to close family members or even local enforcement agencies in times of emergency. Quickly, let’s explore the 10 personal safety apps that are best for emergency conditions. These apps are compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

10 Best Personal Safety Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Life 360 Family Locator

Life 360 Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Similarly and just like most safety apps, this app will allow you easily locate a missing family member even when they are far and distance away. A good personal safety app can help simplify the job of mobile enforcement agencies and save time and much-needed energy for other tasks. With this app, you can create private groups with your family from where you can easily chat with them, check their real-time location and also receive real-time alerts too.

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  1. Sprint Family Locator

Sprint Family Locator

Most personal safety apps are more like GPS locators. They can also easily track and locate different mobile users at the same time for the purpose of general safety and well being. For example, with this mobile app, you can get back your lost or stolen mobile device with its in-built locator abilities. You can also send messages with this safety app.

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  1. Presence Video Security

Presence Video Security

With this app, users can now stay and feel secure wherever they are. Because with this app, you can easily convert your old mobile device like an iPod or tablet to behave like a home security system. Also, this mobile app will send notification alerts to your device when it notices irregular movements inside the house. Additional options to invite family members, roommates and even friends to receive the same alert is also included.

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  1. Family Locator and GPS Tracker

Family Locator and GPS Tracker

Just like parenting control apps, it can help you keep an eye on your kids or particular family members with just one click. It has an in-built tracker functions and is literally the best for emergencies alerts in due times. You can also monitor particular persons with this app; with regular information like their whereabouts showing on your phone screen. Use this app to keep in touch with your family members especially in times of unseen events.

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  1. Bsafe

Bsafe - Personal Safety

Bsafe contains a wide range of personal safety features that can be easily used to privately alert friends and family member of compromised or exact events of the day. If you feel too uncomfortable about the place or situation you’re in, don’t worry. Bsafe has an in-built location and audible alarm system created majorly to give users heads up in cases of emergencies. You can manually activate its alarm system or use the “Follow Me Timer Mode”.

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  1. KiteString

KiteString - Safety Service

This is another personal safety app on our list today. KiteString is not exactly an app. It is a web-based service that serves as a good aid in times of emergency or abnormal events. Whether you are meeting up with a stranger or just taking a midnight stroll, This app checks up on you for safety purposes by sending a simple message once you don’t reply, it immediately sends a personalized message to your emergency contacts. It is very effective, even if it’s not an app, I still had to include it to our list today. To Use this service Visit KiteString.

  1. Beaware – Personal Safety App

Beaware – Personal Safety App

Many personal safety features are included on this app, with very easy means to generate active alerts in cases of sudden safety concerns. This app also features a Geo fence that creates a single location or defined route fence that will automatically trigger when breached. It also comes with help alerts for emergency and SOS conditions.

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  1. Chilla


More like a unique women safety app, but whichever the case, I consider it to be a personal safety app. It is unique because it can detect screams even when the mobile device is the purse or jacket. It can also automatically place calls to specific guardians in cases of emergencies like a heart or asthmatic attack. Chilla can send SMS alerts with location details and even record without having to unlock the phone; which is awesome.

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  1. Companion

Companion – Mobile Personal Safety

Companion is an emergency alert app that is available to both Android and iOS users. It has got a real-time location tracking system like other safety apps. Also, it lets you pick your own contacts as your emergency alert recipients. So, whenever you start a tracked trip by entering your destination on the app. These recipients will automatically receive a text message with a link showing your real-time location on the web. On this app, users can also very quickly call the police in times of emergency.

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  1. LifeLine Response

LifeLine Response - Personal Mobile Safety

This personal safety app is a bit different than its counterparts. I will tell you why. It is because while most safety apps are required to be open to actually send a distress call. This one is activated by holding your finger on your phone screen. Once your finger is removed from the phone’s screen it immediately notifies lifeline response verification centre. This response verification centre in turns contacts law enforcement agencies providing them with your real-time location for easy tracking. It is not free, but it offers a 14-days trial to test it out.

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Concluding on this subject, let us note that personal safety apps are sometimes automatically activated and may require a certain means to activate or enable its various safety options. Be sure to try out a safety app you can understand as this pertains issues of safety. We have extensive research and provide you with this comprehensive list. Thoroughly check out these mobile apps and choose the one that suits you best. Thank you.

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