Top 10 Best Pet App in 2020 for Android and iPhone

There are a lot of apps that were created in the modern day that allows you to do a lot of things. Also, there are Apps that you are unaware exists. Just like the one I am about to mention to you, pet apps. Furthermore, if you have a pet or pets I am you sure that you would want to find the best way to take care of them. These apps were created to help you care for these pets easily. In this post, I will list 10 of the best pet apps that you can use on your Android or iOS devices.

Best Pet Apps

10 Best Pet Apps for Android and iOS

  1. Dogo

Best Pet Apps-DogoThis app allows you to do a lot with features. Also, the app has more than 50 different commands that you can use for your dogs if you have one. The app is available for Android and iOS users and it comes in two versions. You have the paid and a free one.

  1. Pet First Aid

Best Pet Apps-Pet First AidPet First Aid is another app that you can easily use to care for your pets. The app was created by the American Red Cross for you to use on your Android and iOS devices. The app is amazing to use and it provides you with a step by step guide for taking good care of your pets and other pets around you.

  1. 11pets

Best Pet Apps-11petsThis is another app and part of the best pet apps that you can use to your taste. The app is very easy to use and it provides you with a lot of features that would enable you to take care of your pets come with ease. Also, the app allows you to organize and get their health records and medical data on your Android and iOS devices.

  1. Hellopet

Best Pet Apps-HellopetHellopet is another popular among users. It also has one feature that allows different pets to run around on the face of your home screen. The app is easy to use and you download it on your Android and iOS devices.

  1. Rover

RoverThis is another dog app that is part of the finest pet apps that you can also use and download on both your Android and iOS devices. Also, like the numerous apps in this article, the app provides you with various features that you can use easily. One feature is that it allows you to take pictures and videos of your pet and, lets you send them to other pet owners.

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  1. Human-to-Cat Translator

Human-to-Cat TranslatorHuman-to-Cat Translator is the first cat only app in this article of pet apps on your Android and iOS devices. This app is amazing to use and it gives you a lot of features that you would not find in other apps. Furthermore, one amazing feature it has is to allow you to record your voice, which it then turns into the meows for cats. This feature allows the app to get the attention of the cat. Also, it has more than 175 quality and amazing voice samples from more than 25 cats.

  1. Whistle Legacy

Whistle LegacyThis is another app that you can use easily on both your Android and iOS devices. In addition, this app does one thing most pet owners are searching for. It provides them with a cellular and GPS technology which help you to get a fast and accurate tracking of your pets.

  1. BarkHappy

BarkHappyThis is another excellent pet apps that are for dogs only. This app allows you to create a profile for your dog that you can use to search for the dog. using this method. Also, The app has one other feature that works than other apps to help you track your dog. It allows you to report your dog as an alert in case it is lost using your Android or iOS devices.

  1. Cat Fishing

Cat FishingThis app allows you to do a lot also, and it is available for Android and iOS devices. Like the name states, you would know that it is for cats. It is mostly like a game allowing you to make the cats catch fishes. However, you have to lay the device on a flat surface to allow your cat to play with it.

  1. PetHotel

PetHotelPetHotel is the last app in his article. It also allows you to do a lot on your Android and iOS devices. This app helps you to take care of cute pets. Pet Hotel gives your pets the best comfort they can get, allowing them to stay cosy. With the aid of this app, you can also allow different pets to be brought to you, like hamsters and cats and dogs to others.


A lot of people love their pets and would love to give them the best feeling they can get. However, this list has the best pet apps with good features. Also, they provide you with the best ways of taking care of your pets. Get one app today and share your experiences here.

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