10 Best Photo Collage Maker Software (Windows & Mac) 2020

A good photo collage making software is required whether you’re making a photo collage for yourself, for a business, or for someone special. Creating a personal collection of images that tell a story is a beautiful thing with the right software. Photo collage Maker software 2019

However, in this digital world, there is various photo collage software available on the internet for creating collages. With all these in mind, we are about to introduce you to the list of best photo collage maker software for both Windows and Mac.

As you use any of these photo grid editors, they will ignite creativity in you, enabling you to create more than just a photo collage. With no further delay, Let ’s take a quick look at the top 10 photo collage maker software for Windows and Mac.

10 Best Photo Collage Maker Software that Works on Windows & Mac.

  1. Photoscape (Windows/Mac)


Photoscape is a free photo collage making software that enables you to combine photos and put pictures in horizontal or vertical organizations. It is also an acclaimed picture editing manager and runs easily on Windows.

The software features a picture file converter and it is easy to use. You can download this software from its official website.

  1. PhotoMix Software (Windows)


PhotoMix is a photo collage software that comes with a clear, easy to understand canvas. It has a straight forward UI, different predefined layouts, composition in different arrangements. For example, a JPEG, PNG or PDF record. PhotoMix enables you to share your fully customized photo collages via web-based networking media. You can download its full version from its official website.

  1. Photopad


Photopad is another great example of a photo collage making software. It is a work area composition producer, making it quicker and more adaptable than its website partners.

This free photo collage maker doesn’t require an email address to fully utilize the software. It has a good work-user interface and general components to make your photo design classical and at it’s best.

  1. PiZap Collage Maker Software

PiZap Collage maker software

PiZap is a web-based free pic collage maker. however, PiZap does not require an email address before you can begin to usefully utilize it. It runs smoothly on a Mac Operating System.

Its basic structures are firm and the compositions are clearly arranged. Photos edited by PiZap have a distinctive clear weather view, bringing clarity and ultra brightness to view. It contains tons of effects, fonts, collage layouts and stickers.

  1. My Memories

My Memories photo collage maker software

My Memories is a scrapbook software that is great for photo collections. This photo collage maker software is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac OS. This software called My Memories offers 86 premade layouts to set up with, which is more than most photo collage software. It is affordable, fun and extremely easy to use. This tool is indeed a perfect digital scrapbook.

  1. Photojet (Windows/Mac)


This is a really awesome photo collage maker software similar to other software like Fotor and Canva. It is an online photo collection creator. However, more adaptable and enjoyable, very fun and easy to use. It supports both Windows and Mac OS.

  1. Collagerator Collage Maker Software

Collage maker software - Collagerator

Making of collages with Collagerator is a simple task. Collagerator software is a photo collage software which has been made explicitly to make montages.

You just simply need to pick pictures and place them in predefined layouts. You can freely redo the montages according to your design; the user interface (UI) of the program is basic and easy to understand.

  1. Picture Collage Maker (Windows)

Picture Collage Maker

This is straight forward photo collage maker software that enables you to make computerized scrapbooks, blurbs, schedules, welcome cards and more. It offers 150 different templates to choose from, it also provides different effect like clip art, covers, borders, frames and more. The free version of this picture collage maker comes with a 15-day trial version, with Email saving and sharing options.

  1. Fotor (Windows/Mac)


Fotor for Windows can be a decent decision for photo collage lovers, as this photo collage maker software has an incredible freeware for making extraordinary collections. It enables you to include multiple pictures, different altering instruments and saturation. Fotor gives highlights like zooming, fix, retry, pivot and more. It also enables you to share your photos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Its most recent adaptation can be gotten from its site.

  1. Canva Collage Maker

Photo collage maker software - Canva

Canva is a software-based montage creator. A large portion of Canva’s photo collage formats is allowed to be utilized. However, there are likewise premium structures accessible for expenditure. So there are no compelling reasons to stress about making plans.

To start, set up a username and a secret phrase, then sign in with Facebook or Gmail account. Select individual use, a menu of undertaking types including online networking designs, pennants, book spreads and introductions. Select “photo collage” at that point “see all collection layouts” to see the full arrangement of free accessible alternatives.

On the other hand, click components and pick a network. At that point, begin including the pictures, outskirts, symbols and different things that will make up your arrangements.


These photo collage software are very creative and easy to use. So, if you love a good and well-edited photo collage like me, one of the listed above should be a good choice for you and your photos.

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