10 Best Photo & Document Scanner Apps (Android/iPhone)

Android and iOS smartphone devices have become so important in our daily lives because you can use them for diverse things. Did you know that you can scan all your pictures and personal document and store them online with your Smartphone devices? Oh yes! You can do that easily with your photo & document scanner apps. In addition, you can save your old printed images and personal document files for future use. This apps even have options to share them on social media platforms if you wish to do so.

As you can see life can be easy when you combine technology and mobile apps. However, the only problem you may have is picking the right one. Well! Do not worry, as we have done the research for you to select 10 of the most functional and effective photo & document scanner apps for Android and iOS devices.

10 Best Photo & Document Scanner Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. PhotoScan by Google Photos

PhotoScan by Google Photos

Photoscan like its name state scans photos easily with options to either save or even print them instantly. However, you should note that it is not a photo app, but digital scanning software for a mobile device. Also, it has features like an automatic crop detection program and a smart rotation feature that keeps pictures and documents alike intact and exact.

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  1. CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

Camscanner is one of those mobile apps that can very easily turn all kinds of photos and paper documents into digital formats like PDF. This app can smartly crop different photos and documents in different formats without having to actually tamper with its quality. In addition, it can extract text from photos, with options to either save or share them on different digital formats.

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  1. Camera Scanner Image Scanner

photo & document scanner apps-Camera

This app is an amazing scanner. To use this app, all you need to do is to take a picture of any photo or document you want to save or quickly print and, camera scanner will turn those files into any digital format of your choice. Also, it has options to share or save them on cloud storage platforms like iCloud and Google drive.

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  1. Photo Scanner. Photo Editor

photo & document scanner apps-Photo Scanner. Photo Editor

You might be thinking that this app is a regular photo editor. Well, I’m happy to surprise you that this app is actually a photo scanner. It is literally one of the fastest and easiest ways to scan multiple paper photos in a single shot. In addition, it comes with a smart auto detector for photos and a digital crop and photo save options.

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  1. Photo Scan – Photo & Document Scanner

Photo Scan – Document Scanner

Save a lot of time and energy using this awesome and multi-functional mobile app. Photo scan can automatically detect and scan documents for both digital conversion purposes and perspective corrections. Also, it has a magic mode that can help users snap photos, with quality and color maintenance options. In addition, you can export scanned documents of any format with this app.

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  1. Photo Scanner by Gaba Studio Apps Tools

Photo Scanner by Gaba Studio Apps Tools

This is another multi-functional mobile app on our list today, that you can use anywhere. For example, you can use it in the school, office or home. Also, this app will instantly scan grey scale or black and white images or documents to the best available quality, preserving them for future or later use. It can also automatically detect page edges and properly crop them. It is very fast but you can only use it in the United States.

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  1. Old Photo & Document Scanner App

Old Photo Scanner

You can now easily crop your photos and documents smartly with this app crop feature. Also, users can quickly enhance photos, save and print them with filter features. It also has options like inventory album, event name, time and exact place for converted photographs. Furthermore, you can create an unlimited number of albums with this app, share all your scanned images directly to cloud storage platforms or social sites.

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  1. Photo Scanner by Photomyne

photo & document scanner apps-Photomyne

Turn simple and old photographs into live digital records and easily save and share them to any third-party platforms you choose. Also, this app has one of the fastest and easiest ways to turn photos or personal documents into digital formats easily accessible on the internet. However, to use this app, simply capture the photo or document and the scanner will do the rest of the work in minutes. This app can scan multiple analog photographs in a single time and can also easily detect picture boundaries. It comes with options to save them into a digital album for easy access and further use.

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  1. PIC Scanner: Scan Old Photos

PIC Scanner: Scan Old Photos

Scan unlimited photos, with quality auto, detect and perspective correction functions. In addition, you can improve photos with in-app filters and add necessary details like date, place, names and time. You can also post all you’ve done on social sites and cloud services too.

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  1. Photo & Document Scanner Plus

photo & document scanner apps-Photo Scanner Plus

This app provides an easy and quick way to turn photographs into digital formats. Also, it is fast and very easy to use. For example,  all you need to do is simply capture the photo or related document and the app will automatically scan the content.  In addition, it has various digital functions like scanning multiple photographs and even albums in minutes.  It also auto-detects boundary features and has auto-rotation options.

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This photo & document scanner apps are easy to use. They are also efficient and you can scan images and document and, they provide you with options to automatically upload and save them. In addition, you can also compress and protect converted files with these apps. If you have a few old images or documents you would love to keep, you can try these mobile apps immediately.

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