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10 Best Photo Organizing Software (Windows And Mac)

Are you a photographer, a model or graphics editor? Don’t have a clue about the best photo organizing software for windows and mac to store a large number of photos you have taken? Look at this quick and simple survey of the top 10 photo organizing software for Windows and Mac.

best photo organizing software

A photo organizing software is a software program aimed to improve the user’s workflow by enhancing the photo processing of a large number of images. As a photographer, model or a graphics editor you have plenty of images and an organizing software is often a great way to sort them, especially photos saved in RAW formats. This is why you should use and have any of the following software to manage your photos easily.

Photo Organizing Software for Windows & Mac.

  1. Google Picasa

Google Picasa

If you are in the lookout for a good free photo organizing software? Google Picasa is a good option for you. It is free photo software that helps you to edit, share, transfer, print, find and also organize photos. This software stores all your photos in one place, organizing them into albums by date automatically. It is compatible with digital camera’s and works with file formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP and PSD. Picasa supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems respectively.

Note: Picasa is no longer available but you can still download it here.

  1. Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is photo management software that allows you to organize and sort your photo folders using powerful taggings, batch-image processing and meta-data tools. This is the best free photo organizing software to work with a bunch of photos as a photographer or graphics editor. The picture upload tool also makes it easy to import photos from a digital camera, your card reader or mobile devices. Adobe bridge supports both Windows and Mac OS. you can download here.

  1. Google photos

Google Photos

Google photos is an incredible photo organizing software with amazing storage ability for large numbers of photos. Your saved images and videos can be automatically uploaded to the cloud storage and be synchronized with mobile devices for unlimited access and usage. It also allows you to share your uploaded photos with friends and family. Google photos are free and easy to work with. Google photos support Windows and Mac OS. To download Click Here.

  1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a photo organizing software that is popular for photograph altering, and an incredible import/trade framework that allows you to effectively import your photographs and sort them into subfolders for a more organized work. Lightroom is a stand out photo organizing software for photograph professionals, as you can pay one cost for both photograph altering and picture association The altering abilities of Lightroom have been found to be extraordinary as well as grand. Adobe Lightroom supports both Windows and Mac OS. You can download and try Adobe Lightroom for free.

  1. FastStone


The Faststone is more of an image viewer than photo organizing software. It offers excellent image viewing, editing functions and photo organization tools. FastStone is free and runs only on Microsoft Windows. Also, this software supports tagging, data viewing and other sorting functions. FastStone is equipped with photo management and editing tools. It supports only Microsoft Windows., you can download it here.

  1. XnViewMP


XnViewMP is a cross platform viewer and a perfect example of a professionally developed photo organizing software. It is a multi-functional application that can be used for effective multimedia viewing, web browsing and photo converter. The software is free and really easy to use. It supports more than 500 photo formats. Additional features like screen capture are included in this photo organizing software. Mac OS, Windows and Linux have supported platforms for it. Click Download to get software.

  1. Magix Photo Manager

Magix Photo Manager

Magix photo manager is universal photo organizing software that is used for editing, organizing and sharing photos. With this photo management software, you can easily organize your photo collection, find and save videos and optimize your library. It is free, but a paid version is also available with panoramic editing and automatic categorization of images. Also, it features a series of image correction tools. Magix photo manager supports Windows and you can Click Here to get the full version.

  1. Studio Line Photo Basic

Studio Line Photo Basic

Studio Line is a photo organizing software with options to add tags and descriptors in its database, which can be organized as a folder. Slideshows and online galleries make it easy to publish and share photos easily. Studio Line features free photo management and editing tools that provide practical ways of viewing multimedia contents. This photo software supports Microsoft Windows only. To download, click here.

  1. Digikam


Digikam is a multi-platform photo organizing software that allows you to organize and sort your photo collection with the help of tags. It also manages open-source pictures with a multi-function windows port. Digikam is photo software that works mainly with digital photos. It offers all the essential photo usefulness you need like erasing, transferring and moving of pictures. It also supports digital formats like RAW. Supported platforms for Digikam include Mac OS and Windows. Click here to get the full version.

  1. Apowersoft


Apowersoft is a photo organizing software that helps you understand the better digital organization of photos. It also offers excellent viewing and saving of photos across all formats. You can also take screenshots, edit and upload pictures. The software interface is quite easy and very convenient and the software functions very fast which make users work faster and more efficiently. Windows, Mac and Linux are support OS platforms for this software. To get the full version of this software, click Download.


As a digital image graphics editor or photographer, your knowledge and usage of photo organizing software enable you to grow in your field of work. So, if you’re searching for effective photo management software, you are reading the right article and you have come to the right place. Try out this 10 free photo organizing software and see which one suits your design and line of work best.

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