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Photoshop Free Trial Download for Mac And Windows

The Photoshop free trial version allows its users to evaluate the software for some days before they purchase it. This is a great opportunity for photo editors and graphics designers hence they can now use the trial version of Adobe Photoshop for some time before purchasing the premium version.

Adobe Photoshop free trial
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Adobe Photoshop is an easy-to-use software. It is the most popular graphic design software among graphic designers. Adobe Photoshop provides templates that make it very simple for users to craft out their designs and it also provides the needed virtual assistant for 2D and 3D artworks.

Both the premium and the free trial version of Photoshop can be used on Mac and on Windows. It is the go-to software for editing and creation of raster images. With Photoshop, raster images in multiple layers can be created. It also provides the platform for masks and alpha compositing of images. Apart from raster image designs and editing, Adobe Photoshop free download and the paid version can both be used for rendering text, 3D graphics and vector graphics. Several colour models such as RGB, CMYK, CIELAB, spot colour and duotone are all available in the Photoshop package.

download photoshop

Notable things about Photoshop trial version.

For users who don’t have the money to purchase or choose to run the software before buying, then the Adobe Photoshop free trial is the preferred option. It is free to use and can be downloaded directly from the Adobe website.

The Adobe Photoshop trial version works perfectly on both Windows and Mac operating systems. The free trial version works for only seven days. It starts counting from the day you install it on your computer.

The company includes all the feature in the full version to the free trial version of Adobe Photoshop. This freeware also includes the updates in the latest version. You can register for a trial membership on the Creative Cloud. This gives you access to managing your files, accounts as well as the updates. The creative cloud functionality allows the sharing of files on the cloud.

Adobe Photoshop free trial version is available for Personal Computer (PC) only. It does not work on mobile phones.

The Photoshop free version is as unique as the full version.

The free Photoshop trial also allows the use of plugins. The plugins are owned by Adobe. Some of the prominent plugins assist in all forms or rasterization of images, editing and fine-tuning, etc. 

You can convert the Adobe Photoshop free trial version to a paid version during the evaluation period. The conversion will allow you to join the paid Creative Cloud membership. You can choose to do this during the trial period or when the free trial period is over. Students who upgrade it to the full version are given a 60% price slash for the upgrade.


Adobe Photoshop free trial download for PC.

The free trial version of Photoshop software can be downloaded through the Creative Cloud apps catalogue.

Or you can just skip the long process and simply click here to start downloading the software.

adobe photoshop free trial

At this point, the software will start downloading. Go ahead to install your Photoshop software after download. The app will launch automatically immediately the installation is complete.

Note: You can find a similar tutorial here at


Note that your Photoshop free trial period starts immediately the installation is complete. Like I said earlier, you can convert your trial version to full paid version at any time.

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