Picture Collage Maker 4.1.4 Download (Windows/Mac)


Are you in a situation where you want to get scrapbooks, photo albums, calendars, frames, collages, etc done with your device? Then all you need to do is to download picture collage maker. This software is an all in one photo collage maker. Picture Collage Maker 4.1.4They have lots of amazing features that will improve your efficiency because it will help you transform your priceless pictures into precious memories. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, VISTA, Windows7, Windows8, and Windows10.

In this article, will analyze what you can use a picture collage maker for, show you its features, where to download the application and how to use it. Let us start.

Picture Collage Maker 4.1.4

What is picture collage maker 4.1.4?

Picture collage maker 4.1.4 is just the newest version of this application. It is a software tool for designing. You can use this app to create a calendar, greeting card, invitation card, poster, etc. This software application is designed to give you a comprehensive, reliable and easily collages digital work. In addition, it also has a wide range of templates and features that you can use for backgrounds, photo layouts, etc that will make production easy.

How can I download a picture collage maker?

The only way you can download picture collage maker is to visit app developers website. Even when you are installing it on your device it will only take a few minutes to get it ready for use. When it is finally installed, your web browser will open and redirect you to a web page. On the web page which is the publisher’s website, you will see an introductory tutorial video. The tutorial video will give you details on how you can use the app.

What are the features of This Application?

  1. You can use it to design calendars

With this picture collage maker, you can design and print your own calendar. Also, it is very easy for you to put your best image from your collection on it.

  1. Clipart

You can also select as multiple clipart or stickers and decorate it with the image of your choice. In addition, you can easily delete the clipart whenever you want.

  1. Create Albums

If you want to make an album you can simply drag and drop the image to make the album you want. Furthermore, you can also choose to decorate or edit photos. Furthermore, the app has various templates, that you can use to make the best photo album.

  1. Add texts

When you download picture collage maker on your device it will allow you to add text on the image. Also, you can equally edit the text by changing the front, drop shadows, change colors, etc.

  1. Numerous collection of templates

This picture collage maker has a huge collection of templates for birthday, father’s day, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, Christmas’s day, etc. So, you can create your collages, especially on particular occasions.

  1. Make and print design

You can print any design you make in picture collage maker. In addition, it does not matter how large the file is, whether single or not. Similarly, files formats like frames, greeting cards, calendar, etc can be printed.

  1. Photo editing

This app is very effective when it comes to editing of photos. Also, you can use it to crop, resize, and add other effects. However, still, on the editing, you can also assign a frame or border. This app is very good for creating a masterpiece.

  1. Drag and drop option is available

Whenever you want to edit any photo, with this app, just pick the photo from your system and drop them on the app so that you can adjust them easily.

  1. Massive range of creative designs

This app gives you a whole lot of extensive range of creative designs to choose from. Also, all you need to do is to pick the one that will suit your purpose or appeal to you.

  1. It is also a good tool for collage maker

With this designing tool, you can make collages for multiple occasions. Also, the drag and drop functions apply here. Furthermore, you can use their stickers and clipart from the options the software gives to you.


In conclusion, you can download a picture collage maker to assemble photographs into a collage easily. This application also has lots of editing tools that you can choose from to beautify your work. Use this collage maker 4.1.4 and have fun as you make use of its awesome functions. Send us your user experience of this app. soon.

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