How to Play Android Games on PC (With or Without Emulator, Bluestacks) 2019

The reason for this tutorial on how to play Android games on PC is because there are many games made for Android phones which you can play with your PC. It is not hard to follow if you really want to play your favourite Android games on your desktop or laptop computer.How to run Android apps on your pc tutorial

Today, I am going to teach you how to install the BlueStacks app to play Android games on your Computer. So, pay attention and learn how to run Android apps on your pc in this tutorial

Some Facts About BlueStacks App Needed to Play Android Games On PC

There are many emulators to play Android games on your Computer (PC). However, on top of this list is BlueStacks. In addition, this emulator will allow you to you run or play your best Android games and applications on your PC.

The good thing about this app is that you can use it on your pc the same way they work on tablets, smartphones, and different Android devices.

BlueStacks works on any computer running on the Windows operating system. Furthermore, let me restate that this emulator enables you to play Android games on your computer as you do with your mobile phone operating system.

3 Reasons for Sharing How to Run Android Apps on Your PC Tutorial

First, is because you may want to play Android games made for a mobile phone small screen on a higher resolution screen

Secondly, you will be able to control the game better with your computer mouse or keyboard. I guess this is a good reason you may want to know how to run android apps on your pc in this tutorial.

Thirdly, you will be able to do a faster search for any suggested application you want from the gaming box or console.

Important Facts About BlueStacks App Player

This application will give you a user interface that resembles the normal windows interface. For example, it will give you a dialogue box which you can use at your discretion because you can use your windows browser for the same purpose.

Another good point to note is that when your device has touch screen functions, it will be more fun than the one you swipe.  Also, you can install any games you like from the applications home page or user interface. You can do so by selecting the game you like from the suggestions list the way you would from a normal Android phone.

Finally, I want you to know that BlueStacks works in most games that were developed for Android phones with a few exceptions to the rule.

Vital Information of BlueStacks and Running Mobile Apps on PC

The best advantage of installing Bluestacks to run mobile applications on your personal computer is that you don’t need to install a fresh operating system, inside the Windows operating system to use it.  Also, all you need is its advanced console to run the different games applications smoothly.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Play Android Apps on Your PC

  • Download the ApplicationHow to run Android apps on your pc tutorial

The first thing you should do is to download BlueStacks. Next, install it on your desktop computer by following the on-screen installation process. You can get the application by visiting the developer’s website here.  Also, if want to learn more about the product from others, you can read the product review from the developer’s website to see other great features in it.

  • Get Net Framework

Get Net Framework

You need the .Net framework with your Windows Operating system to be able to run or install BlueStacks. Go on and install the .Net framework. You may also decide to update your windows operating system to the latest version instead of downloading it separately. Get it from Microsoft official website.

  • Install BlueStack on your PC

How to play Android apps on your pc tutorial

Now that we have prepared the ground for the software to work, go on and install BlueStack on your PC. You can install this software on your desktop in a few minutes. After you do that, you will see the program Icon on your Computer Screen. Just go ahead and click it to run the application.

After you have run the application, select user interface or go to the primary screen to choose what you want. The program contains only Android games by default. So, choose any option you want by searching for the keyword for the specific game you want to load on the screen of your computer.

  • Play Android Games on PC

After you carry out step 3 above, you will see many search options and be given different keywords.  From this place onwards, you are now ready to play android games on pc.

The next thing you can do is to carry out many searches with the keyword you like. Select the game you want and click the Install Icon in front of the game application. Finally, play the games on the full screen of your computer.

Storage of Past Games In a Log

BlueStacks stores any game you have played in the past in a log. So, the next time you want them, you can find them anytime in the game console. Also, you can use the “My Applications Icon” to get any game you need, to appear on your screen with the click of your mouse.


There you have it. I hope you find this article on how to run android apps on your pc tutorial useful. Just follow those steps and you will be able to enjoy those games you have always loved on your large screen computer desktop.

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