How to Get Plesk free trial   

As a website owner, before your website can be accessible to users on the internet, you need a hosting service. It is a very huge necessity that allows individuals and businesses to launch their sites on the internet. There are lots of Webhosting platforms out there and Plesk is one of those. Plesk offers the best control panel available to work with website servers. The developers offer every new user fourteen days of free trial to use Plesk.

This platform is designed to allow website administrators to work with web servers without any command-line interface. Plesk has full capabilities as a website hosting platform. It has various automation tools, technical facilities, and security options. Continue reading to find out how to get this hosting platform for free.

How to get plesk free trial
The interface of Plesk

Plesk free trial: Overview

Plesk gives every user the ability to manage their servers with full capabilities. Every new user ias access to use the platform without paying a dime for the first 14 days. After using Plesk during this free trial period, you can decide if it is the best solution to grow your business. You will have access to a dashboard that will manage your servers, mails, security, customers, and storage.

How to start the free trial of Plesk

To begin your free trial of Plesk system, the first thing you need to do is to navigate to the official website. Once you are on the page, scroll down and fill the form at the right side of the page. The form will request for personal details like First name, Last name, Email, occupation, country, and so on. Fill the requested information and click on the “Get License Key” button at the bottom of the page.

How to get plesk free trial
How to get Plesk free trial

After this, check for mail to receive a confirmation mail. Make sure you confirm to enable you to receive installation guidelines. After this, you will receive your Plesk free trial application code via email.

How to get plesk free trial
Free trial of Plesk

Follow the installation procedure to successfully start using the hosting platform. Once your fourteen days free trial is over, you will have to opt for one of their enterprise plans.

Pricing of Plesk

Once your Plesk free trial is over, you can choose out of the three pricing plan available for Plesk. The first is Web Admin Edition VPS and it is $7.33 per annum and $10 every month. It is mainly built for website and server administration. It has 10 domains and a WordPress toolkit SE.

The second is the Web Pro Edition VPS which is $15 per month and $11 for a yearly subscription.  It contains 30 domains, Subscription management, Account management, and WordPress toolkit. It is a full solution for web developers and designers. The last one is the Web Host Edition which is $18.33 per annum and $25 every month. It is useful in growing and building your very own hosting business. It also contains every feature of the first two including Reseller management.

You can purchase a monthly or yearly plan of any of the above plans on their website ( All you need to do is click on the Buy button right below the plan you choose to buy.

Benefits of using Plesk as a hosting platform

Whether you purchase or start using the free trial of Plesk, there are so many benefits you get to enjoy as a user. Firstly, you will benefit from the well designed and intuitive interface. You can create and configure websites for small or medium businesses without any hindrance whatsoever. You can also use the dashboard to manage websites, emails, servers, clients, and so on.

Another benefit is the enhanced security that Plesk has. The platform secures your websites and application. You can be sure that your website will be protected against external and malicious threats. Then we have a good support system. If you encounter any problem while using Plesk, you can be assured that you can contact their customer support anytime and your problem will be solved.


Some of the features of Plesk are Web hosting & domain, databases, application, scheduling tasks, system time & services, sharing files & bullets, third party components, mass email configuration, DNS zones, statistics & monitoring, panel updates & upgrades, web server, and so on.


Finally, that is how you can get the free trial of Plesk. If you are in search of an intuitive and friendly way to access your web server, then you might consider getting Plesk. Therefore, it is mostly recommended for Windows hosting users. You should take advantage of this trial period and decide if it will meet your needs or not.


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