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10 Best Police Scanner App for Android And iPhone

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Have you ever thought it was actually possible to get first-hand information on different criminal and law enforcement matters? Also, to get the necessary details involved with them? Well, I know it sounds kind of boring, I mean it is not the kind of news people love to hear today. But, when I think about it, I see a great need to get information like this. It is actually possible to access the latest criminal and security news for your area, state, and country. However, this is possible via the police scanner app.

police scanner app

This app is a mobile software designed to keep you updated on new crime events via live radio stations, actual police scanners, marine radios and a host of other news platforms. Some of them contain feed catalogs that are frequently updated to give you the latest crime news. Now without further delay, let us analyze the 10 best Police scanner apps for Android and iOS users respectively.

10 Best Police Scanner Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. Scanner Radio –Fire and Police Scanner

Scanner Radio –Fire and Police Scanner

Police scanners just got better or you can say more mobile. Because with this app, you can receive about 7,000 fire, weather, and police scanner radios. Recently it was reported that this app has about 3500 listeners worldwide. However, to receive all the latest law enforcement and security news on this app, just turn on notification. When do, you will get notified anytime anything comes up. With it, mobile users can also access police scanners in their locality.

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  1. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner

5-0 Radio Police Scanner

This app is known to hold the largest collection of live fire, police, railroad and emergency radio scanners. With this awesome collection, mobile users can keep in tune with the latest weather, security, and crime news in their country or state. In addition, more features like options to listen to background feeds and comments are also available on the app.

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  1. Police Scanner +

Police Scanner +

With about 40,000 live radio stations with frequently updated contents on security, human welfare, entertainment, transport and more. This app proves to be among the best police scanner apps for iOS devices.  Also, it has access to the largest known collection of criminal and security news platforms worldwide. Other options like online recording for playback or future use are also featured on this mobile app.

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  1. Police Scanner X

police scanner app-Police Scanner X

Unlike others, this police scanner app was uniquely made to suit anyone. This cutting edge version includes a custom stream player for faster playbacks.  In addition, it also runs with low memory usage saving battery life in the process. you can hear almost any and all security information with this app. Similarly, it also has an auto-resume feature for police radio scanners.

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  1. Police Scanner

Police Scanner

Listen to multiple police and fire scanners from all around the world with this mobile app. Also, it never runs out of worldwide news update, as you can browse through thousands of feeds from millions around the world with this app. In addition, the current number of live feeds that you can get on this platform is about 100. These live feedback’s  are live audio recordings from police and fire stations around the world.

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  1. Scanner 911


Scanner 911, provides a quick and easy way to access live weather, fire and security news from the comfort of your couch. Also, you won’t have to turn on the radio or TV to listen to emergency breakdowns. In addition, with the help of this app, you can now get them right on your smartphone. You can scan for channels nearest to your location, for easy access to local news. Additional options to customize the app for a more personalized experience are also included.

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  1. Real Police Radio Scanner

police scanner app-Real Police Radio Scanner

With this app, you can choose up to about 3500 police radio scanners to listen to, along with feedback’s in the background. Furthermore, you can also search for feeds according to your country, state, province, city.  Also, it comes with a sophisticated code language dictionary to help you know which police scanner is functioning with a particular live radio station.

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  1. Radio Scanner SE

Police Radio Scanner SE

While other police scanner apps worry about accurate feedback and the latest news updates, this special edition police scanner has access to many live stations for buffering and streaming functions. It also includes a feedback platform with recorded live audios, for more easy access to emergency news for late listeners.

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  1. Police Scanner Free


Find the channels nearest to your locality and enjoy 24/7 updates on the latest fire, police, and rescue news from all over the world. Also, this app contains about 5000 live new feeds channels, with feed search functions according to your country, state, and city. Similarly, air traffic news, public safety headlines and other important world updates are also available on the app.

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  1. Broadcastify

police scanner app-Broadcastify

Broadcastify is among one of the world largest police scanner app.  It has a large source of live police scanners streams. Millions of users use this app, to gain access to more than 6500 police, fire, rail and marine radio streams around the world. Also, Mobile users can search for police scanners via the scanners name and location too. In addition, Broadcastify has a notification emergency centre.

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Police scanner app is of great importance to the society and communities at large. This is so because, with the apps, important new feeds can be accessed. In addition, outgoing people who are not always at home to watch TV or listen to the radio need these apps. Furthermore, the apps give you security information on your locality, so that you know where to go and where not to enter. These mobile apps are not only for just adults who are so news-conscious, but they are also for teenagers and even kids. Finally, they could help with safety route information, navigation and many more. Do not delay, get your police scanner app now.

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