10 Best Pop-Up Blocker For Android (Firefox, Chrome And UC Browser)

This post has a list of pop up blocker for Android phones. The internet has inevitably affected our lives in the most positive way known to mankind. Today, I can now boldly say that the best things that make up our lives have been made available to us mainly through the evolution of mobile technology. But, just like most good things, the internet has some very irritating sides to it, like “Pop-up” ads.

pop up blockers for android

Up until now, they are no 100% ways to actually stop pop-ups, whether on a phone screen or on a pc. However, there are security practices and major steps we can take to ensure a safe free web browsing experience. As most of you might already know, they are very few, but efficient Pop-up blockers developed mainly for the task of stopping pop-up ads across your favourite browsers like Chrome, Firefox, UC browser and many more. These ads blockers can be found across many mobile platforms.

10 Best pop-up blocker for Android Firefox, Chrome, UC Browser.

  1. Blockada

BlockadaWhen it comes to giving users a smooth web surfing experience, Blockada proves to be one of the best pop blockers that offer such a service. In other words, it is an amazing pop up blocking service for Android devices.


  • Provision of Privacy and data security
  • Enhancing web browsing speed
  • Minimal data usage

Download Blockada for Android

  1. AdGuard

AdGuard  AdGuard provides users with optimum privacy on all things web and internet services. It makes users untraceable to web trackers and removes all types of pop-ups from apps and browsers on your Android phone. With this app, you can stop pop-up ads on all your favourite browsers including Chrome, Firefox and UC browser as well.


  • Blocking and completely removing pop-ups
  • Saves battery life
  • Offers Better Privacy

Download AdGuard for Android

  1. AdBlock Browser for Android

AdBlock Browser for Android

Before I begin, I’ll like to help you understand that this is more than just a browser. It is a tool aimed at providing users with smooth web surfing experience. Adblock browser was designed to prevent distracting and annoying pop-ups, prevent hackers from accessing personal web data and providing free web browsing moments for all its users.


  • Optimal privacy and data protection
  • Enhance browsing and page loading speed
  • Minimal data and battery usage while browsing

Download AdBlock Browser for Android

  1. Block This

Block This – Pop up Blocker for Android

Intrusive and aggressive pop-up ads can only disturb you when you let them. Use this Pop-up blocker to stop them. This is the perfect open source pop up blocking service for Android devices.


  • Safe and secure web surfing experience
  • Prevention of malware and spam attacks.
  • Blocks all kinds of advertisement

Download Block This For Android

  1. FireFox Focus

FireFox Focus - Privacy & Pop ups

Recently Mozilla has designed a new Firefox Browser focused on more intense security options than its original browser. This private browser acts more like an incognito browser. It never keeps cookies and all web data are securely encrypted and kept safe for the individual’s use alone.


  • High web speed and performance
  • Incognito interface
  • Smooth Web browsing free from third party invasions

Download FireFox Focus for Android

  1. Free Adblocker Browser

Free Adblocker Browser: Pop up Blocker

This pop-up blocker utilizes an efficient mobile technology that securely keeps out all kinds of ads from your device screen as you surf the internet. It can also block third-party invaders from accessing or disrupting your internetwork. It is an all in one security and pop-up blocker for Android devices.


  • blocks banner ads.
  • detects pop up videos on WebPages
  • It can also block web tracking and optimize battery usage

Download Free AdBlocker for Android

  1. CM Browser

CM Browser - Privacy, Fast Download & Pop up Blocker

CM browser is among the best pop up blockers for Android. It was designed to block ads by default with super browsing speed. This tool is truly more than just a browser. Download this browser to enjoy a smooth web browsing experience on your Android phone. It is free and worth the shot.


  • Inbuilt web data cleaner
  • Low storage and memory usage
  • In-built page translator, powered by Google translate

Download CM Browser for Android

  1. Brave Browser

Brave Browser

This browser is one of the leading pop up stoppers in the privacy and security category. With a very unique system in place and it is extremely secure with encrypted data traffic that protects every web page. It offers things like script blocking, 3rd party cookie blocking and private incognito tabs.

Major features

  • An in-built pop-up blocker that provides seamless browsing moments
  • Enhanced web page loading speed
  • HTTPS Everywhere

Download Brave Browser for Android

  1. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus - Pop up Blocker for Android

Looking for a pop-up blocker that is not only available for Android devices but also available for Chrome, Firefox and UC browsers? Adblock plus is the software for you. It was completely removed from the PlayStore, however, you can still download its APK on the service site along with the latest information on how to use it for maximum performance.


  • Multiple browser compatibility
  • Effective internet security
  • Super webpage performance

Download Adblock Plus for Android

  1. App Brain

App Brain – Pop Up Blocker

This service goes a long way beyond just blocking pop-ups on webpages. App Brain can also lock down ads, push web notifications and detect harmful app networks. Like a dog, it literally sniffs out pop-ups and ads and handles them differently compared to other pop up blockers for Android on our list today.


  • A private eye nature
  • A concern tab that alerts users of malicious actions
  • Provides detailed information on installed mobile apps

Download App Brain for Android


Finally, and in conclusion, those tools can also serve as mobile browsing platforms and exclusive pop up and ad blockers services on Android devices. However, whichever one you might choose to download, these pop-up blockers for Android are efficient and very effective in the task of blocking ads and securing web data. Enjoy a smooth and free web browsing experience.


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