10 Best Portrait Mode Apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

Portrait mode apps were initially first launched for iOS devices, and these apps made it easy to blur the background of numerous photographs without DSLR. It was one of a kind feature then because it was new, dazzling and hot. The great news is that this amazing feature is now available for Android devices and, even the newest iOS devices as well.

portrait mode apps

With portrait mode apps, you can edit pictures with blur effects, lens blur, bokeh blur and many more. They consist of a healthy number of filters that allows mobile users to pick blur image backgrounds. Now without any further delay, we will list 10 portrait mode apps for both Android and iOS devices only.

10 Best Portrait Mode Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. Blur Photo

portrait mode apps-Blur Photo

The first app on our list today is Blur photo an amazing portrait mode app available to iOS devices only. Other than it’s compatibility features, this app has the ability to increase and decrease the blur effect of your photos. It also has multiple filters that you can apply. Mobile users can also use this app to adjust photo depth with its amazing collection of brush and erasers as well.

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  1. Portrait Mode Camera by Terrabite inc

portrait mode apps-Portrait Mode Camera by Terrabite inc

Amazingly, this app not only provides you with tons of blur camera effects, but it also allows you to add beautiful Bokeh to your images. In addition, this app is very easy to use. Its interface makes it possible for users to edit photos with just a few swipes of their fingers. Furthermore, it has many options to add the DSLR background blur effect to images on the mobile app.

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  1. Portrait Mode Camera by Digitech Tool Apps

portrait mode apps-Portrait Mode Camera by Digitech Tool Apps

Unlike other portrait mode apps, this one contains a fully functional DSLR High Definition camera with many excellent features, to give that photo the best touch it needs. Also with this app, you can take Selfies, as well as pictures and videos in high-resolution formats. It also supports great zooming effects, HDR effects, color effects, select scene modes, and exposure compensation. You can also directly share their newly edited photos with different social media platforms while using this app.

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  1. S Pro Camera

portrait mode apps-S Pro Camera – Selfie, Portrait, AL, AR Sticker, GIF, Pro

This professional Portrait camera has been used by millions of people around the world. According to its downloading ratings in the PlayStore, but it is not the most commonly used on our list today. Excitingly, it contains some awesome features, like the support of about 50 languages, compatibility rate for all platforms and camera modules. Also, it supports continuous shooting, HDR, Panorama, professional manual mode, time-lapse, and photo previews as well. It also a very intelligent app and has some other amazing features like a face beauty filter, cute face photo suggestions, age, and gender recognition and many more.

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  1. Bokeh

Portrait Camera – Bokeh or Depth Mode

More than just an intuitive user interface, this app has effective functions that allow users to add features and effects to their photos and videos respectively. With this app, you can add depth of field to your images. It also has human recognition software, designed to smartly recognize people in the foreground of an image, automatically, blurring those in the background. In addition, you can change or point lights into aperture shapes for a more thrilling image appearance.

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  1. Portrait Mode Camera – HD Camera

Portrait Mode Camera – HD Camera

Portrait mode apps contain a bit of everything which in other words enables them to effectively give your photos the touch it requires. But in this mobile app’s case, the reverse is the case, it is called the ultimate blur effect app. because it has more of blur effect than the other apps in this list. This app has a selective Blur tool with numerous photo blurring effects.

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  1. Portrait Mode, Bokeh Mode, DSLR Effect, Image Blur

Portrait Mode, Bokeh Mode, DSLR Effect, Image Blur

This app makes unwanted parts of your pictures blur and keeps a good focus on the special parts with this amazing wonder app. Also, you can find whatever camera effect, you want to add to your photos, easily on this app, and use them creatively. in addition, this app also provides you with two portraits modes option’s that allows you to adjust blur intensity and adjust the clear size.

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  1. HD Camera (Free Portrait)

HD Camera (Free Portrait)

Use the powerful and very astonishing editing tools on this app to create beautiful photos with amazing blur background that will keep your audience drooling and asking for more. Also with this app, you can personalize and effectively customize photo editing and camera options like focus distance, exposure, shutter speed, flash feature, brightness setting, and photo editing effects.

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  1. FabFocus

FabFocus –Portrait Mode Pro

FabFocus is one of the most commonly used portrait mode apps for ioS devices. It has a user interface and supports multiple languages. It also contains an impressive collection of photo editing tools. In addition, it allows users to adjust blur intensity, personalize point lights, and effectively add depths to photo fields. Just like its name this app is fabulous and worth all the shot you can take. Try it out now.

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  1. Cymera Camera

Cymera Camera

Cymera Camera provides you with about 130 different types of filters, with numerous photo options to choose from like camera lens, photo collages, frames, stickers and many more. It also gives you the options to add image stabilizer for shaky hands. Also, this camera app can and will personalize every section of your photograph to customize and give it a beautiful look. Don’t wait anymore, try it now.

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Like I said earlier, portrait mode apps are the best for photo editing effects like blur, zoom and background adjustments. So the next time you wish to try something crazy, but unique, try out these apps for the best creative photo effects. Don’t miss out or wait for them to trend, make them trend, get them now.

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