10 Best Ways of Posting Photos on Instagram from Mac or Windows

This post is about the ways of posting photos on Instagram from Windows and Mac PC. Ever since the invention of multimedia network applications, Social network apps have increased and become widely used. Also, there is an increase and change in the use of multimedia messaging, from plain text messages to high-quality resolution image and video upload, emoji and fun texting platforms, due to the advancement of Social media apps.posting photos on Instagram

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing app originally created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger 8 years ago, has grown to be one of the most widely used social media apps with almost 1 billion registered users worldwide. Also, Instagram users worldwide post images and videos on the platform via their mobile devices, there are no options for upload while accessing Instagram on a web browser for PC.

However, this article is to help people who do not know how to post pictures on Instagram from their Windows/Mac PC. It easy, now let’s explore 10 ways to post Instagram photos from your Windows/Mac PC.

Top 10 Ways of Posting Photos on Instagram from Windows/Mac PC.

  1. Deskgram

ways to post instagram photos-Deskgram


Deskgram is a web-based uploading program for Instagram, Using Deskgram is one of the ways you can post Instagram photos from your Windows/Mac PC. The step is easy, just visit Deskgram.net, scroll down, until you find the upload photos and videos button and click there. From there, enter your account credentials to log in and once the app opens you are now set and can post pictures directly from there. You can also manage your Instagram account this application too from your PC.  Furthermore, there are options for changing your username, password and editing your general public profile. You can also access this profile from this web-based uploading platform. Click Here to use Deskgram for free

  1. Gramblr

ways to post instagram photos-Gramblr


Another great way to post pictures on Instagram directly from your PC is via Gramblr. Gramblr is an Instagram up-loader software, available for both Windows and Mac platforms. Also, it is easy to use the software free on its official website. Go to Gramblr.com download the up-loader software, after the quick download, open the software and enter your Instagram credentials. Furthermore,  once you are logged in, pick photos from your PC and upload directly. Using Gramblr is one of the best ways to post Instagram photos directly from your PC. Click Here to download for windows/mac

  1. Uplet

ways to post instagram photos-Getuplet

If you are a window/mac user, I’m pleased to show you one the ways you can post Instagram photos from your Windows/Mac PC, with the new Instagram up-loader software called Uplet. Uplet is also a paid software, but it is worth the money you pay. You can easily post Instagram images, videos, GIF directly from your windows/mac device with this software. The full version of Uplet is available on its official website. Click Here to get it.

  1. Latergramme

 ways to post Instagram photos-later

Latergramme is another great online Instagram photo uploader. Using Latergramme is one of the best ways to post Instagram photos and videos from your desktop. You can visit the website, sign in to your account via your credentials. Click the upload button and begin to post Instagram photos directly from your computer. It also has many advanced functions like scheduling all your posts via the use of calendar Schedule options. Additional options like preview are included.  You can schedule a post on Instagram with this platform and do the same for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. For More on Latergramme, Click More.

  1. Sked Social

Sked social

Sked Social (formerly Schedugram) is a paid website service and one of the best ways to post Instagram photos directly from your Windows/Mac PC. Schedugram is an up-loader software worth buying for users that want to manage their Instagram accounts from their PC. In addition, you can start with a 7-day trial, with a few limited features. Paid users have access to every feature of this website service. It has advanced features like scheduling of post and sharing of post on other social network platforms. Get Schedugram Here

  1. Iconosquare


Iconosquare is a social media tool used for managing of individual social media presence for social networking apps like Instagram and Facebook. It is also another way with that you can post Instagram photos directly from your PC. To use the website, first, log on to the site, next, input your credentials on the log-in box and enjoy unlimited access to its available free version, like posting Instagram photos directly from your computer. For advanced features like scheduling of post, you can do so with as little as $9 per month (plus access to other features like analytics, comment tracking and more). Although you can crop your photos with this tool, there are no advanced editing features available. To access this social media tool Click Iconosquare

  1. Mobile Emulators

mobile emulators

One fast way that you can post Instagram photos directly from your window/mac is via mobile emulators. You can Download a mobile emulator on your PC and access Instagram directly from there like a smartphone would do. First, download any popular emulator you know, like NOX, Bluestacks or Andy, and open the emulator and then download the Instagram app on it. Now open the app, enter your credentials to log in. Once you log in, you can access the upload option from there, and easily post Instagram photos from your windows/mac. In addition, you can download free Mobile Emulators Now. Click Download.

  1. Lr Instagram

Lr Instagram

If you use the adobe lightroom photo software on your Windows/Mac PC, it is one sure way to post an Instagram photo from your PC. You can also upload your edited photo contents directly to Instagram. Click on the share option, if your Instagram is already linked to your adobe lightroom software, it’ll post your shared photos directly to your account without delay, but if you are yet to establish the link, please do so, connect your Instagram account to adobe lightroom photo software on your computer and share well-edited photos and contents directly from there. In addition, you can download Adobe Lightroom Now. Click Download

  1. Chrome View

Chrome view

Chrome view is a Google chrome mobile emulator extension and another great way you can access and post Instagram photos directly from your browser. This mobile emulator extension has a smartphone view and functions as a mobile device. So, it is easy to log on to Instagram and access your account to manage your images and videos easily from there. Download this awesome emulator extension now. Click Here.

  1. Safari view

Safari view

With safari view, there is no need to download any client software to post Instagram photos from your Mac PC. If you are a Mac PC user, safari is a great way to post Instagram photos directly from your safari browser. To do so, open safari on your mac, then log on to Instagram from there, input your login credentials to access your account. Once your account is open you will see a camera button, click it to add your latest photos and post them. Also, this way of posting photos on Instagram from your PC is valid for Mac users Only.


You can edit your photos directly and post them instantly on Instagram from your PC. In this post, you have the simplest ways to post Instagram photos for Windows and Mac users respectively. Also, it will save you a lot of time especially if you’re in your office, or in a place with no access to your mobile device.

Now that you have a list of the 10 best ways of posting photos on Instagram directly from your Mac or Windows PC.


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