PowToon free Trial

How to Download PowToon Free Trial

If you are in the market for web-based animation software, then the best choice for you is PowToon. It allows users to create animated presentations and projects easily and fast. This application is very useful to business owners, professionals, students, and educators. Although PowToon free trial lasts for four days, it is still enough time to get familiar with the software and make your purchasing decision.

This program is useful when manipulating ready-made objects, importing images, adding music, and creating voice-overs. It is also used to establish and maintain establishment as well as capture the attention of people while delivering content. Almost everybody ranging from companies to huge movie studios to entrepreneurs to hobbyists uses PowToon.

For more details on where and how to get this amazing software for free, sit back, and read on.

PowToon free Trial

How to Download PowToon Free Trial

So, if you have made your decision on getting this amazing application, the first thing to do is visit their official website. Once the interface opens, scroll down and click on the “Start Now” button. The next page will ask you to create an account by requesting your Name, E-mail, and password. Input the requested information and click on sign up.

PowToon free Trial

Make sure you use a working email as a confirmation code will be sent. After confirming the email, you have completed the final step in creating your account. Your PowToon free trial will start immediately. You can now start unleashing your creativity.

Features of PowToon

PowToon enables its users to create professional presentations and videos in no time. There are so many features that make it one of the leading animation applications in the market. The first is that you do not need to possess any technical or designing skills whatsoever before you can use it. All that it requires is to customize pre-built templates using drag and drop features. You can add backgrounds, change animation characters, insert logos, videos, and any message you want to pass across. You can use it to pitch your idea perfectly and effectively.

Some of its other features are 3D Objects, Offline presenting, Screen Sharing, Collaboration Tools, Media Library, Audio Contents, Video Content, Customizable Templates, Offline Editing, and so on.

It has lots of amazing features that contribute to its functionalities. PowToon is among the top 9 best animation software globally.

Benefits of getting PowToon Software (Paid/Free Trial)

The intention behind this software is to create short videos by customizing existing templates. You can choose from its content library or create your own content.

Teachers can use PowToon for creating animated presentations/ projects for their learners. It is very effective to pass information and establish communication. You can convey ideas and knowledge to your students through visual representations without relying on texts. It increases creativity and allows learning to be totally flexible.

One huge benefit of getting PowToon free trial is that you get access to certain things while using the software. You will have complete access to some of the contents in their library. Any videos you create will have a standard resolution and you will also be able to upload to social media (YouTube, Facebook, and more). There is complete access to premium contents such as scenes, props, characters, background, and lots more for four days.

Additionally, PowToon makes use of amazing and standard technology. If you encounter any challenge while using the program, there are lots of tutorials online that will help as you proceed.

Another thing you can do as a free user to display your work is to either export to YouTube or present it in slideshow mode. With the latter, you can take a pause amidst presentations for better audible explanations.

Lastly, once you register for PowToon free trial, you can get started easily. As a web-based software, you do not need to download additional software. Within these four days, you will have unlimited access to its functionalities and create exciting projects.

PowToon System Requirements

There are really no requirements for PowToon because it is an online SaaS application. This means that it cannot be downloaded on a desktop. Whatever it is you want to create can only be done online However, this does not mean you will not have access to your creations offline.

If you own a premium account, then you can download your finished works and projects as an MP4 file to your computer. With this, you will be able to present and show them anywhere. In addition, there is also a free download in HD option for premium account members, so if you want to access your videos offline, you need to upgrade.

With a web browser and a stable internet connection, you will have access to the PowToon software.

Pricing and Plans of PowToon

This software offers a free trial that lasts for seven days which begins the day you register an account with them. The free trial gives users video storage of 100 MB and also limited free audio and video.

You can always check how many hours are left of your free trial on your interface. You will have to update it to the Premium account once it expires. The monthly price is $19 per month for PRO. It includes 2 GB of storage, free audio & video, and an HD video. The PRO+ includes 10 GB of video storage with unlimited free video and audio and full HD.


This post explained how to get the PowToon free trial and also more details about the software. You have 96 hours to take advantage of this application without paying a dime for it. Your trial session should enlighten you on whether PowToon will meet your needs or not.


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